Spring Activity for Toddlers and Preschool


caterpillar math activity for kindergarten



Who loves a good caterpillar activity


I know I do! 


Especially around this time of year when the flowers are blooming and the air is breezy. 


Ah! I love spring time 🙂 


Here is a very simple activity that can be used in a multi-purpose way. 


I made sure to make this activity work for both my girls at their very different ages. 


We used two different manipulatives with this spring activity. 


I’ll be sharing below exactly what I used and how we practiced pattern matching, addition/subtraction using a different set of manipulatives! 


Note: Are you looking for more spring activities for kids? Check out this Marbled Flower art we made that was so easy and fun! 





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Pattern Activity for preschool


Pattern activities are one of those activities most preschoolers seem to really enjoy and it’s a great early years activity!


It’s like a puzzle you have to figure out.


What comes next? 


So, this time around I decided to incorporate a spring activity for preschool by creating little caterpillar circles. 


Here’s how I put together our pattern match dot sticker activity: 


  • I used a handy dandy nail polish as a stencil to create my caterpillar circles. 


  • Then, I made sure to make the ends of each of the caterpillars have a little face. 


  • I used different colored markers to create the circles so my LO can see which to put the dot stickers on. 

  • All of the circles towards the end of the caterpillar did not have a colored marker. This allowed my LO to use her thinking skills to figure out what comes next! 

  • Add the correct colored dot sticker or recycled bottle cap to see what comes next! 


Easy peasy pattern activity fun! 🙂


caterpillar pattern match for preschool



Dot sticker activities and Caterpillar activities


Both are fun! 


Another fun spring activity for toddlers you can try is to not make this activity a pattern match. 


You can just work on color matching with dot stickers


Create a red caterpillar with red circles. 


Then, an orange caterpillar with orange circles. 


This is a wonderful toddler activity. 


Your toddler will match the correct colored dot sticker to the correct colored circles. 


Fun play to learn about colors using dot stickers. 🙂 



caterpillar pattern match for preschoolers



 Spring activity for Kindergarten


Another fun way to go about this fun multi-purpose activity is to create addition and subtraction circles to your drawn out caterpillar. 


After my preschooler was done adding her dot stickers I reused that same sheet and wrote addition/subtraction problems for my oldest! 


This is a great way to repurpose and recycle activities for kids! 


I wrote out the answers onto a separate set of dot stickers and attached those to the bottle caps. 


Don’t worry, they peel off easily and can work as another fun fine motor activity


I know, this is such an AMAZING multi-purpose activity for a differentiated set of ages. 


My oldest was to match the correct answered bottle cap to the correct dot sticker math problem on the caterpillar. 


She did not want to use the bottle caps in the end and wanted to write the answer down instead. 


This is a great way to practice writing numbers too! 


What other fun ideas can you think of trying out with this fun caterpillar activity for spring time? 


Leave me a comment down below letting me know! 🙂



caterpillar pattern match for kids

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