Spooky Spider Sensory Play for Kids

spooky spider sensory play for kids

We love a good sensory bin! The one thing I absolutely enjoy about putting together a sensory bin for my littles is that they can be made in a variety of ways! 


I can make it special for a birthday theme, holiday theme, just for fun, or on any given day where I need to get stuff done around the house – brilliant! 


Sensory bins have always been top 5 in our home. Here is one I put together for my girls and they enjoyed it for a good hour! 


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That’s all! 


Pretty simple to put together using items you may already own at home and the littles play for quite a long time – yay! 

spooky sensory spiders halloween activities for toddlers

Halloween Activities for Toddlers 


This sensory bin is perfect for toddlers. My 2 year old enjoyed playing with the rice. 


I could see her enjoying scooping and pouring the rice as it “clickity clacked” back into the bin. 

The colors of the rice are great for a learning experience mixed with play. You can call out the colors so your toddler becomes aware of the different colors. 


Introduce basic numbers by calling out the different colors of the rice (we have 1 red, 1 blue, 1 yellow = 3 different colors). 


What other ways can you think of playing and learning with a themed sensory bin?


Halloween Activities for Pre-school


Sensory Bins are also great for school aged children. Regardless if they are in preschool or not, you can add manipulatives according to their level of advancement. 


For preschoolers, you can try adding 5 manipulatives within the bin. You can ask a question such as, “How many spider erasers are in the bin?” 


If they don’t know, you can try counting them so they become aware that each one has a different number that adds up to 5. 


For advanced school aged children, apply this concept in conjunction with what they may be learning!


What other fun ways can you think of using this spooky Halloween Sensory Bin with your preschooler? 


Spooky Spiders are fun in Sensory Bins 


Overall, my girls really enjoyed this spooky sensory bin. They liked the purple and green food coloring dyed rice and the spooky manipulatives that tied it all together. It was spooktacular! 


Will you give this Spooky Spider Sensory Play Kids Activity a try this Holiday? 

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spooky spider sensory bin for kids

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