Spooky Spaghetti Cutting Sensory Activity

spooky spaghetti cutting sensory play for kids

I’m all for a good sensory activity for Halloween. I laid out this kids activity on the table for my girls play for as long as they wish. 


This particular sensory activity is so much fun! Just add some cooked spaghetti into a bin, give your child children’s scissors (they even sell some with no blade like this one, and it works so well for this activity) and let them start cutting through the pasta! 


Voila! My girls absolutely love cutting through pasta. It is like cutting hair to them or cutting the grass outside. 


Next time you have playdough (how to make play dough post here), use these children’s scissors to cut through the playdough! All of these cutting ideas are so beneficial and are all fine motor activities! 


Check out Halloween Noodles Sensory Activity we tried using food coloring to dye our spaghetti for kids! 



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So simple to set up! 

spaghetti cutting halloween activity for kids


This spaghetti cutting sensory play worked well for both my girls. I just separated the pasta into 2 different bins.


Miss 2 (almost 3) enjoyed cutting through the pasta as a story was read to her. It was so much fun for her! 


Miss 5 enjoyed cutting the spaghetti just as much as her sister and then we added a little educational approach by counting the pieces of spaghetti she cut. 


I would say, “If I cut this piece of spaghetti in half, how many will you have?” or “How many pieces are small compared to big?”

Practicing Scissor Skills in a Fun Manner


What I love about activities like this is that my children have so much fun while learning and practicing at the exact same time.


Has your little one ever tried to cut his/her hair? Try a spaghetti sensory bin and let them know it is okay to cut spaghetti hair but just not mama’s hair. 


Once they see that it’s so much fun and that they’re pretty much cutting spaghetti hair you will notice the engagement and fun involved with this simple activity. 


And! Underneath the engagement and fun lye benefits. They learn how to hold scissors, pincer grasp development, hand/eye coordination, future pencil holding, fine motor development amongst many other wonderful beneficial components. 

Indoor Fine Motor Spaghetti Activity for Kids

We used this black spaghetti pasta that just seemed so spooky and perfect for this activity. I cooked them and set them aside to cool down before I added them into the bins. 


I added in some fun manipulatives I thought my girls would love for inserting the pasta into or for any creative ideas they come up with. 


Halloween books were also added for mama to read while they played and absorbed their scissor skill practice! It was a pretty neat indoor activity. 


We will definitely be mixing books with activities more often! 


What other fun ways can you think of applying with this fun fine motor spaghetti cutting activity? 

Will you give this Spooky Spaghetti Cutting Sensory Activity a try? 

Pin it for later? 

spooky spaghetti cutting sensory activity for halloween

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