Spooky Sensory Trail Indoor Kids Activity  

spooky sensory trail indoor kids activity


This is a perfect indoor activity that can be done in so many different ways for so many different themes – we made this spooky trail for Halloween.


So much fun! 


I think this will become a staple every Halloween because it’s that good. The mix of black with orange as the base of the sensory bin is so smart in my opinion. 


The dark color mimics dirt and the light color mimics sand. To build on top of this base there are some fun manipulatives that make it all come together. 


So, it’s almost like this spooky trail which is so much fun and a perfect sensory experience for little ones. 


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So fun to put together and simple too!  



I used 2 containers so both my girls enjoyed their own trail. But one is fine too!


Add your base. We used popcorn kernels and uncooked black beans for tactile and sensorial experience. You can totally use any base that feels right for you and your family. 


Some fun bases to work with are:



Plus so much more.. Let me know in the comments if you can think of another fun base to work with for a fun sensory experience!


Please remember to always supervise when using small items such as sensory bases or any small manipulatives.


After you have laid out your base, add your manipulatives. We used a couple different manipulatives such as pom poms, unpeeled halloween holographic stickers, halloween candy and spider rings. 


I also added these ice cream bowl spoons from this set that we absolutely adore and use for almost all our sensory activities. So much fun! 


spooky halloween sensory bin for kids at home


Color Recognition Activity for Toddlers and Preschoolers


While this sensory bin will be all around so much fun, you can add in learning experiences to it! 


My 2 year old really enjoyed adding the pom poms into the cauldrin and saying the color of the pom pom aloud. 


I added in the color orange, purple and green to go with the theme but you can totally add a variety of different colors for a color learning activity!


You can also point out the different colors within the sensory bin instead of collecting. Maybe saying something like, “I see orange within this sensory bin. Can you find it?” 


What other fun color recognition activities can you think of with this Spooky Sensory Trail Activity Bin? 


Number Recognition Games for Toddlers and Preschoolers


If you’d like to incorporate counting within this activity, it is possible! 


As mentioned above with inserting the pom poms into the cauldron and calling the color name out, you can try counting each pom pom as they are inserted instead.  


For toddlers you can try 1-5. I would insert them for him/her and count them as I insert each pom pom. 


This will give the toddler the idea that each has a different number. I wouldn’t do this throughout the entire session. 


Play is very important in this stage. Maybe two times of counting from 1-5 would be enough, unless they want more :).


For a more advanced approach you can count from 1-20 or include a bit of addition and subtraction for the kindergarteners. 


It all depends on what you feel is best for the educational experience your child is going through at that moment. 


What other fun ways can you think of applying with this Spooky Sensory Trail Indoor Kids Activity ? 



Will you give this Spooky Sensory Trail Indoor Kids Activity a try? 


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spooky sensory trail activity for kids


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