Spooky Alphabet Match for Kindergarteners 

spooky alphabet match kindergarten


This is one fun and exciting indoor activity for kids that can be done anytime of the year. We just happened to make it themed for Halloween! 


How neat is this? It’s pretty much matching uppercase to lowercase letters or vise versa. It is such a fun game for your little ones and they’ll be learning at the same time!


I’m all for learning games that are fun and allow my child to play while still engaging and absorbing knowledge. Learning through play are the types of activities I love to set up for my girls! 


She enjoyed this very much and she helped me decorate it too! How cute is that. 


Looking for more fun and engaging indoor activities for kids? Check out this ABC printable Freebie I created, Summer Fun Alphabet Match Activity which is perfect for kindergarteners and school aged children ! 



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That’s it! Easy peasy! 


I placed two poster boards together with tape to the wall. I then added our poster letters with scotch tape to the poster boards. 


Miss 5 and I placed the foam bats for decoration. The board was ready to go! 


The only thing missing was the posties with sharpie marked lowercase letters. So, I added them to the post it’s and placed them on a spooky tray I found at the Dollar store.


The goal of this alphabet recognition game was for Miss 5 to match her lowercase letters to uppercase letters on the poster boards!


Simple, engaging and oh so fun! 


spooky alphabet match halloween activities for kids


Alphabet Recognition Games for Kindergarten


As mentioned above, the goal of this game is to match the uppercase/lowercase letters. 


It was a hit and really fun! Another fun approach you can take is seeing if your little one can spell out their name. 


Some names have double letters, so be sure to add the extra letters on different post it notes and add them to your tray! Double up posties where needed on the board for those extra letters!


A great way to learn letter sounds is to sound them out as you add the post it! This will build on future reading skills and it is one of the ways I taught my 5 year old how to read! 


What other letter recognition ideas can you think of with this themed alphabet match activity? 



Number Recognition Games for Kindergarteners


Poster letters usually come with poster letters. This is great for learning numbers!


Practice counting with your kindergarteners by counting from 1-20. You can also practice skip counting with the numbers! 


For a more advanced approach, you can try addition and/or subtraction.


What other fun ways can you think of applying with this Spooky Alphabet Match for Kindergarten? 


Will you give this Spooky Alphabet Match for Kindergarten a try? 

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spooky alphabet match for kindergarten


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