Sponge Painting Shapes for Kids


Spong Painting Shapes for kids


How cute are these sponges made into shapes? 


Oh, these are amazing for early learning!


Some ideas are: 




How cool are these ideas!



I mean, you can learn pretty much the basics of early learning, for preschool with a bit of paint and sponges! 


I wouldn’t only use paint and sponges though, as I love diversifying play and learning with different items and play setups! 


And! I’m sure your little one would approve too! 🙂


But, if you’d like to learn how you can add this to your preschoolers early learning ideas at home or in a school setting…


I’ll share how I set it up below. 


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This is an extremely easy setup and probably items you already have at home, but if you don’t I’ve added them up atop for you! 



What is a paint sponge?

Sponges that you fill with paint to create a fun masterpiece with! 


Turn them into shapes like we did and go at it! Have fun!



What can I use instead of a paintbrush?


A sponge


And you can make a sponge into whatever you want it to be – sponge related! 


Add a stick to it and you have a sponge with a stick for helpful holding for little hands. 


I’ve got you, mama! 



How I set up our shape sponges for my 3 year old and 5 year old


I added a bit of paint to some tin cans I found but paint palettes work wonderfully. Set those aside. 


Then, I rolled out a long sheet of paper from our Melissa and Doug paper roll

And, voila! 


Your setup is complete. 


Now, your children can come to the table and create shapes out of paint! 


You can ask questions like: 


“What colors do you see?” or “How many of that color did you make?” or “What shapes are those?”


So many fun ways to learn about colors, shapes and counting! 


What other fun ways can you think of using these?


Oh! And if you want to add a small stick so its easier for your child to press on, you can always try using a craft stick for this! 


All you would need to do is make a lined cut on your shaped sponge (adult only). 


Take a hot glue gun to add a bit of glue in there and add your craft stick




Shaped sponges made fancy!  🙂


You’ve got this mama! 


Let me know if you gave it a try in the comments. I’d love to see!




Will you give this Sponge Painting Shapes Activity for Kids a try?


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Spong Painting Shapes for kids

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