Spider Web Pick and Count Fine Motor Activity 

spider web fine motor activity for kids


This fine motor spider web activity was so fun to create for my girls. We both had a lot of fun!


One of the fun and “feel good” moments in my life is watching my girls learn while playing. 


To be able to make themed play activities such as this Halloween spider web is just something so special that I’ll treasure for a long, long time.


Do you remember that board game where your child uses their fine motor skills to pick up little parts with tweezers in hopes you don’t see that little red nose glow red? 


A friend mentioned to me that the game is, “Operation”. 


This is what I thought about when creating this, except slightly different, with spooky ring spiders, pom poms, white yarn and a basket. 


spider web fine motor activity for preschool


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That’s it! Let’s get into how to put this together:


spider web fine motor activity



How to put together:  Spider Web Fine Motor Activity


Now, I totally felt like a mama spider weaving her web while making this. 


It made me feel all zen and really feel the feeling of fall while spinning my web and watching my girls play in the back. 


I cut the yarn 4 different times, used one end to tie to one of the laundry basket holes and inserted them into the opposite sides to create a web like structure.


Now, I must say, this was my very first time attempting this and I am in no way a professional.


But, It did turn out well and it worked! So, don’t be afraid to mess up a little. It’s okay!


The goal in my mind was trying to make a gearthy web so that we can play a game of, “Catch the spiders and pom poms before they fall to the ground.”


The web would be the catalyst in catching them for a longer and funner fine motor play! 🙂



spider web fine motor activity for kids


The tools we used for Spider Web Pick and Count 


I have to give a shoutout to these amazing fine motor tools by Learning Resources. 


We pretty much use them for any fine motor activity we try at home.


What fine motor tools are you familiar with? Maybe, we can try them out too! Please leave me a comment below. 


Will you give this Spider Web Pick and Count Fine Motor Activity a try this Fall?


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spider web fine motor activity for kids


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