Snowman Sensory Play DIY Activity for Kids


Sensory Play Snowman DIY



Can you believe the holidays are here! 


It’s amazing how fast time flies. Christmas is near, and I’ve got a really fun sensory bag for you! 


If you’ve seen our Pumpkin Sensory Play DIY, you are in for one special treat…


A snowman sensory bag! 


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This is one of many sensory development activities that is neat and very simple to make. 


To see how we made it, I’ll be sharing all of the details below.


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That’s all!


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How to put together your Snowman Sensory Bag


Cut your foam board or cardboard into equal pieces. 


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*Keep in mind, your ziplock bag must be able to fit on each of the pieces.


Once the foam board or cardboard is cut into equal pieces, set one aside. 


Grab the other one and add double sided tape to it. 


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Then, add your 2 white sheets of paper onto the tape.


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This is for the snowman to be white. 


Set this piece aside and grab the first piece you set aside.


Draw a snowman and cut it out using a craft knife or scissors (depending on the type of board you used, thick or thin.)


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Then, set it aside. You’re ready to create your sensory bag


Unzip the ziplock bag and insert the water beads. Zip the bag tightly keeping most of the air completely out. 


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*Keep in mind to not use too many water beads. Use just enough to be able to fit within the snowman you cut out. 


Once you have calculated and measured that the sensory bag and snowman will work well, tape the bag to the cardboard piece with the white sheets of paper on it.


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Move the water beads to the center of the bag.


Use a glue gun to one of the sides of the snowman cutout piece and place it on top of the piece with the sensory bag to enclose it together. 


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Voila! You’ve created an epic DIY sensory snowman activity! 


Now, use a sharpie to color in the eyes, button and nose. 


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Get creative and make a hat out of felt. We didn’t try this in our video, but thinking about adding it in now! 🙂




What are the benefits of sensory play?


To learn more about the benefits of sensory play, I wrote an entire post on this subject. 


It also includes over 101 sensory bin/play ideas


I really hope you enjoy it. 🙂




Will you give this Sensory Play Snowman DIY a try?

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Sensory Play Snowman DIY



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