Snowflake Counting Mats Printable

Snowflake Counting Mats Printable - ActiveLittles


Less than 10 days until Christmas from the time I am writing this! 


I can’t believe it is so close. 


Here is a freebie I made for my little one and I’m sharing it with you! 


This free Christmas printable will work amazing for both Preschool and Kindergarten children. 


I use these with my Preschooler and she enjoys using the grids to practice her scissor cutting too! 


That is another really fun way to use these. 


I’ll share with you below how I put this free printable together and different ways you can use them. 


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How to set up your Snowflake Counting Mats 


Download and print the Snowflake Counting Mats free printable. 


Note: These printables require absolutely no prep.


Just print and your ready to go! 


Set it on your table.


There are a few options on how you can go about using your printable


Here is a list of different ways we have used and set up our printable’s:

  • Use a Dry Erase Pocket (this is a great option for on the go such as going to a vacation or at a restaurant.)

  • Laminate! We laminate certain printables. These no prep ones, not so much. 


But, if you are looking to preserve them for yearly usage, laminating your printables is your best bet! 

  • Use them as is! Using them as is is just as much of a great option as the other options. 

My preschooler loves cutting paper. So, these provide grids which are perfect for getting in those fine motor skills!


What other fun ways can you think of prepping your printable’s



Learning through play with your Counting Mats Printable 


These are wonderful for learning about counting. 


Provided are grids which work well for visualizing and seeing how numbers work. 


Practice skip counting by adding a mini eraser on every other space. 


Use cube links to build upwards and see and visualize the difference in the numbers. 


I have provided a snowflake theme. This is so it is themed for December. 


It also pairs well with those mini snowflake erasers you can find online or at your local Target store around winter time. 


Line 2 papers together for a more advanced approach and add or subtract one number from each paper. 


Use cube links to visualize and see how addition and subtraction work! 


These are all fun ways to use these snowflake counting mats! 


What other fun and educational ways can you think of using these free printable activities?



Will you give this Snowflake Counting Mats Printable a try?


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Snowflake Counting Mats Printable - ActiveLittles

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