Simple Valentines Heart Tissue Paper Suncatcher using Contact Paper


heart tissue paper craft for kids



Are you looking for a fun and easy Valentines Day activity for toddlers


What about a fun Valentines craft for preschoolers and kindergarteners that’s easy peasy? 


I’ve got you covered! 


I love how this activity can be tailored for a differentiated set of ages. 


Toddlers can practice fine motor skills and hand eye coordination


Preschoolers can learn about colors and more! 


Kindergarteners can learn to add/subtract from one hearts tissue paper add-ons to another heart! 


How cool is that? 


Then, you can add these to a window sill for a fun keepsake or use these with a card for mom and dad! 


I’ll be sharing below how easy this is to make and how much learning fun your littles will be having while making it! 



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The Easy Steps it takes to make this Suncatcher Heart Craft:


  • Use a fine point sharpie or marker to trace out a heart onto each of the colorful transparent colored dividers. 

  • Cut the hearts you traced so that the borders are left and the heart is removed from the center. 

  • Then cut out the contact paper to match the size of your transparent colored divider hearts you cut out prior. 

  • Add the contact sticky paper to each transparent colored heart divider making sure the heart is upward and sticky. 

  • Then, cut up your tissue paper into tiny squares. 

  • Add them each into a container (we used a muffin tin) 

  • You are all set for play and to create a fun crafty heart suncatcher! 




Easy to make Heart Suncatchers for Kids


Set the table to include your crafty sticky hearts and your cut up tissue paper. 


Now, your little ones are ready for play! 




Toddlers can have fun by adding the tissue paper to the hearts. 


A fun educational approach we tried was to use a different colored transparent divider for each heart cutout. 


The educational play to learn activity was to add red tissue paper cut outs onto the red transparent divider heart cutout. 


Then, the yellow with the yellow and so on and so forth. 


That is one way to learn about colors while having fun! 


My girls didn’t last too long with this one though. 


They love all things rainbow and it turned into a fun craft for kids activity in their own very special way! 


And I love that about it! 




Kindergarteners can use two transparent hearts to learn about the basic math skills! 


If they add 3 tissue papers to one sticky heart and 1 to another, they can add and subtract in this way! 


As the hearts begin to become filled it can turn into a fun craft for them! 🙂 


Have you ever made a Suncatcher Heart Craft? 


What other fun ways can you think of applying to these tissue paper suncatchers for Valentines Day?


heart tissue paper contact paper craft for kids

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