Simple Valentines Day Water Play for Kids 


sensory activities for toddlers


Have I mentioned before that water play is one of our absolute favorite types of play – ever! 


Well, I won’t make it first place, but I will say it is top 5. 


I love creating water play set ups that go by theme such as a seasonal theme or an educational theme or lesson we are learning in that point in time.


This particular one we made this time around is themed for Valentines Day!


I’ll show you all the supplies we used and how easy it was to make below. 


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sensory water play for kids




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How to set up this sensory table for toddlers and kids


Setting up this sensory table is as easy as 1-2-3.


I added a plastic bin container first. 


Then, I thought it would be nice to add a heart plate container in the sensory surrounded by small containers around it. 


Pop in some spoons, funnels and/or measuring cups and you’ve set up a nifty sensory play table!


If you are looking for messy play near me ideas..


Look no further than setting up a simple water play sensory table right at home! 



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Sensory Playground Ideas for Kids


So, once you’ve set up your water play sensory activity, now what? 


Add water into each of those containers within the bin and add a bit of different colored food coloring


Mix them up so the water dilutes the food coloring. 


And now your bin is ready for play! 


My 4 year old imagined the heart in the center was her soup stew. 


She imagined she was stirring the different colored containers and pouring them into her soup heart pot to add all of the colored ingredients together. 🙂


We then added in a bit of pom poms to add to her pretend soup! 🙂 




What age is water play suitable for? 


Any age, really! 


I enjoy water play just as much as my kids do. 😀


This is a wonderful sensory play for toddlers, preschool, kindergarten and kids of all ages


You can turn it educational by adding in a few fun manipulatives. 


For example, I added in the pom poms for a fun toddler sensory activity


But, you can also use them for a more advanced approach. 


Your child can take out 2 pom poms and insert them in a container, then 3 more and add those to another container… 


Then, she can add or subtract what she has taken out!


Isn’t that neat?


What other fun educational ways can you think of trying with this water play activity for kids?


sensory activities for toddlers

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