Simple Toilet Paper Roll Firework Craft


toilet paper craft activity for kids


Simple activities are so much fun! 


I love incorporating easy activities I can use that we already own and have right at home..


..Like this toilet paper activity


It’s as easy as using a toilet paper craft for a fun activity for kids! 


There are tons and tons of toilet paper crafts for kids’ ideas. 


Here’s a fun paper roll activity we tried not too long ago that was oodles of fun! 


So, let’s get into this one. 


It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3. 


This can be used as a fun New Years Activity for kids or as a fun Fourth of July Craft for Kids like we did. 




What can children make with toilet rolls? 


If you don’t have fireworks, bring the fireworks indoors with this fun firework craft. 


I’ll share how you can set this simple craft rolls activity up, what exactly we used and how you can go about using it to make firework paper tubes. 


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All you really need is a recycled paper roll, a pair of scissors, paint and paper.


The rest is optional. 


However, I highly recommend it so the paint stays within range and it doesn’t color your tables. 


You can also try a kid craft tray which is always so much fun to use with any painting activity for kids as you can wash it easily thereafter. 



simple toilet paper craft for kids



How do you make fireworks out of toilet paper rolls?


Easy peasy. 


How do you make a firework painting? 


Here are the steps I took to create this painting paper roll: 


  • Grab a recycled toilet paper roll. 

  • Then, use scissors to create cuts at the end of a toilet paper roll. 

  • Once you are done cutting all the way around, move them so that they create this sort of firework stamp.

  • Then, add paint to a paint palette. 

  • Stamp the toilet paper roll into the paint and create toilet paper roll art! 




How do kids paint fireworks?


What can I make with paper towel rolls? 


You can use a blue craft paper roll and a red craft paper roll to create red and blue fireworks. 


Or try rainbow colors to make rainbow fireworks and learn about colors with a set of paper firework tubes. 




What can I do with empty toilet paper rolls? 


What are fun ideas for kids using toilet paper rolls? 


What crafts can you make with toilet paper rolls? 


There are many different crafts and activities you can try with a toilet paper roll. 


Here are some ideas 


  • Painting with a toilet paper roll to create circles.

  • Painting with toilet paper rolls to create shapes. 

  • Toilet paper roll animals (butterfly, bee, alligator..)

  • Toilet paper roll pom pom funnel. 

  • Toilet paper roll matching colors


What other fun paper roll arts and crafts and paper roll activities for kids can you think of or that you maybe have tried out? 


Leave a comment below letting us know! 🙂


simple firework craft for kids

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