Simple Taste Safe Mud Sensory Bin for Kids


taste safe mud sensory bin



It is such a pleasure to make fun and simple DIY’s for my girls. 


This particular one didn’t go as planned for me but it was fixed with the help of my oldest. 


I was preparing a fun and easy video on how to make this simple mud recipe. 


Then, it didn’t turn out as planned. 


My oldest quickly grabbed the mixture and poured it into a bin and added her special touch to it. 


I’ll be sharing below how she put this simple small world play together. 


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Play Dirt Recipe:



Once I mixed these 4 ingredients together, my oldest placed this doughy mixture into a bin.


She then added a bit of water to the edge of the bin and it became a fun play mud  small world play activity for kids! 


This fake mud recipe was a total hit and so much sensory play fun



diy mud sensory bin for kids




How do you make mud for kids? 


How to make play mud…


Here are the steps my LO and I took to create this epic play dirt recipe: 


  • Mix the cocoa powder, cornstarch and water together. 

  • Then, add the oats into the mix. 

  • It’s a dough-like consistency. 

  • My LO added this into a bin with a bit of water at the edge

  • And, it was a fun muddy small world play. Fun! 


This cornstarch and water play activity was loads of fun! 


Have you ever made mud playdough? How did it turn out? 


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What do you do with mud? 


My LO wanted to add toy figurines into the muddy small world play. 


But, we did not have pig figurines. 


We used some of our horse and cow toy figurines. 


It worked out perfectly! 



diy muddy sensory play for kids




How do you make fake mud? 


The water at the end mixed with the doughy playdough and created this really nice medium that was a mixture of wet and doughy creating a muddy small world play! 


We definitely want to try oobleck mud next! 


Hope you enjoyed this taste safe sensory play activity! 


If you give it a go, share with me below. 


Or, if you’ve tried this before, how did it go, what did you use and was it really fun? 🙂 


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For a fun mud sensory table idea, this mud craft activity in double or triple batches will work amazing with this sensory table. 


The best part about this sensory table is that it is so easy to clean! 


You just remove the bin, wash it, dry it and place over the stand again! 


Easy peasy and so much fun! 




taste safe mud sensory bin for kids

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