Simple Sun Craft using Fork Painting 


simple sun fork painting for kids



.. with a Father’s Day twist! 😀


This activity was so easy to set up and so much fun for my littles. 


You can literally make this kids activity with any type of preschool theme. 


Some preschool themes would be to make a lions mane, or a flower using a fork. 


It is summer time, so this time around we made a sun! 


My girls absolutely love painting activities so any painting ideas are always welcomed in our home as a fun kids activity they can try. 


I’ll be sharing below all it took to put this simple activity for kids together and what they used to create this easy peasy and awesome activity





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These are all the materials you will need for this easy and simple kids craft



simple sun craft fork painting



Sun Fork Art Instructions


The idea was to create a simple fork craft activity that was themed for the sun and it can also be tailored as a fun Father’s Day Craft! 


Here are the steps I took to put this simple painted sun together so my girls could enjoy and have fun learning while painting: 


  • I used a cardstock paper but if you have a paper plate, that’ll work too! 

  • Then, add the colors orange and yellow and a mix of both onto a paint palette.

  • Create a circle onto the cardstock paper by using a bowl. 

  • Your setup is complete and your LO is ready to paint. 

  • Grab the paint brush and fill in the circle with orange/yellow paint. 

  • Once, your circle is fully painted in and complete..

  • Grab your fork and dip the tip into paint. 

  • Create sun rays with it to create a sun. 

  • Easy peasy and a fun craft for kids to learn about the sun, its colors and more.




Sun painting for Toddlers, Preschoolers and for Kids


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This painted sun not only was fun, my girls learned a few things with it. 


They learned to keep the paint inside of the circle (fine motor skills). 


Creating sun rays with the fork allowed them to focus on the detailing. 


Mixing the colors orange and yellow allowed them to learn more about the art of mixing colors to create new colors. 


All in all, a pretty magnificent play to learn activity going on here. 🙂 




Kid paint ideas for Father’s Day


We took this simple and easy craft to another level. 


My oldest wrote, “ You are my sunshine” and “Happy Father’s Day” on her card. 


My youngest is not writing just yet so she made a cute little face on the sun. 


Both my girls did an amazing job and what a wonderful keepsake for their dad. 🙂 


I hope you give this simple and easy activity a try out! 


It’s really fun, my girls enjoyed it and if you try it out leave a comment below. 😀



simple sun craft using fork painting

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