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This is a simple set up Rainbow Sprinkle Sensory Bag that is perfect for early learners practicing on their writing skills. 

simple rainbow sensory bag for kids

As I was fixing up storage in the kitchen, I added sprinkles to a ziplock bag. To My surprise, I was curious to create a sensory bag for my six year old who is learning how to write.

sensory bags for toddlers

My girls really enjoyed this simple sensory bag. Miss 6 wrote letters and made doodles. Little Miss 3 years old enjoyed it as well by adding little doodles. And you guessed it: Mama did too! Total de-stressed and calm sprinkle bag for mama as well.

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What you will need for this Simple Colorful Sensory Bag



Here is how to make this Simple Sprinkle Sensory Writing Bag

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  • Open your zip lock bag

  • Add in sprinkles

  • Close the zip lock bag leaving no air inside

  • Tape your bag for security and holding down

  • Tip: You can double bag for extra security

rainbow sprinkle sensory bag sensory bags for preschoolers

sprinkle sensory bag for little ones things to do with kids sensory bags


Tips to Keep in Mind

My girls love how these each in their own different way. Miss 6 years old uses it for learning her letters, words and doodling around. Little Miss 3 year old really enjoys doodling the sprinkles around.

simple rainbow sensory bag for kids

If you have a really little one, make sure there are no holes in the bag and keep a very close eye on them.


Please remember, if you try any sensory bag activities with your baby, toddler, or little one be sure to keep close supervision at all times. Plastic bags pose a risk of suffocation. Definitely supervise at all times.


Will you give this Simple Rainbow Sprinkles Sensory bag a try? Pin it for later? 

Simple Sprinkle Sensory bags for early learners

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