6 Indoor Activities for Kids

easy indoor activities for kids at home 

I have compiled a list of fun indoor activities my girls have tried at home. This list will continually keep getting bigger as I add in more – so please stay tuned!


The thing I love about creating an activity for kids at home is that it can be fun, educational, engaging and effective all at the same time. I love to incorporate play to learn activities whenever possible.


Adding a learning experience can be very beneficial. Of course, the activity doesn’t have to incorporate a learning experience and it can just be for fun! 


Rainy Day Activities for Kids


The activities I am going to be mentioning can also be used on a rainy day. We live in Fla and it rains ‘a lot’ here. Many of these fun activities, we’ve tried indoors, at home when it’s raining! 


Here is one indoor activity we’ve been having fun with recently this summer. It is our homemade playdough, check it out here

Fun Activities for Kids


First Activity for Kids: Color Matching Activity

easy playdough for kids


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This activity is perfect for preschoolers. My soon to be 4 year old used the beads for color matching as she inserted them in the correct kabob stick. 

indoor activities for kids

She also practiced on her fine motor skills. She would use a tiny bead to insert which was great fine motor practice. 

indoor fun

You can use store bought play dough or homemade playdough. We used our homemade playdough recipe! Check it out here


Second Activity for Kids: DIY Puzzle 

indoor fun for kids



This puzzle activity for kids is sure to be a fun one! It’s so easy to make and so fun for the kids. 

indoor activities for kids this summer

Place your craft sticks together on a table. Use the correct amount that will cover the sticker on all four sides. 

fun indoor activities

Stick your sticker on the craft sticks to conjoin them. Adult to use a craft knife to make slits in between each craft stick to create a puzzle! 

kids activities

That’s it! Indoor fun your kids can choose to play when they want. 

diy kids toys

These are great to take on vacation or if you’re going to a restaurant. They are wonderful on the go activities as well. 

Both my 3 and 6 year olds enjoyed this diy puzzle game very much!


Third Activity for Kids: DIY Bubble Wands

things to do with kids at home




Have you ever somehow misplaced that wand that comes with the bubble soap? No need to fret. I’ve got a solution for you! 

This is one of those kids activities that work well especially in these ‘lost the wand’ cases. All you’ll need is a pipe cleaner and a straw!

indoor fun kids activities

Insert the pipe cleaner into the straw. Once the pipe cleaner is in with ⅓ sticking out on one end, you can create a shape and enclose it all together! 

fun games for kids at home

Add your bubble solution into a bowl. Insert the shaped pipe cleaner into the solution and blow.

indoor games for kids

Voila! You’ve created  DIY bubble wands. A perfect kids indoor play activity!

fun for kids at home


Fourth Activity for Kids: DIY Shape Craft Sticks 

indoor activities for kids



These fun games to play with kids at home are so simple to make! All you’ll need is craft sticks and adhesive dots. 

fun games to do with kids at home indoor fun for kids

This fun activity is perfect for younger children who are learning shapes. It also is great for older children as the craft sticks can be set as a more advanced game. 

montessori at homeindoor fun for preschool

This fun and effective activity can work well for different ages. I set up the craft sticks as shapes for my 3 year old. She called out their shapes and colors. 

indoor activities for preschoolers

My 6 year old followed index cards with various shapes to create and work on a more advanced game. 

early learning activities

Fine motor practice is another benefit to this indoor activity for kids. 


Fifth Activity for Kids: Pipe Cleaner Numbers using Paint

things to do with kids at home 



Here is a fun activity for kids they’ll enjoy! All you’ll need is some paint and pipecleaners!

early learning for kids

Create numbers, shapes, letters with your pipe cleaners. Add a little bit of paint to paper plates. 


Lay out a roll of paper. Dab your pipe cleaner number, shape or letter into the paint on the paper plate. Then, dab it onto the roll of paper!

fun for kids

Have fun! This activity is so fun and your child will be learning at the same time! 

homeschooling ideas

Call out the numbers for a fun counting activity. Use letters to create a word. You can ask questions like, “What colors do you see”?

So many fun and endless possibilities you can go about this fun indoor activity for kids!


What other fun ways can you think of playing with these? 


Sixth Activity for Kids: Alphabet Sensory Play 

indoor fun for kids at home



Here is a fun literacy and alphabet sensory bag that is sure to be fun while incorporating a fun learning experience. 

fun for kids at home indoor play

I have a wonderful post on the Beginners Guide to Sensory Bins which is wonderful if you’d like to learn about the benefits of sensory play! Check it out here


This sensory bag calls for some indoor fun and is sure to be a hit! All you’ll need is a zip lock bag, foam/magnet letters/numbers/shapes, water and tape to secure the bag and tape it down. 

fun indoor play for kids

Add your water and letters into the bag. Make sure to keep out any air so that the bag doesn’t form air bubbles. 


Lay your bag on a table. Tape it down for extra security. Play! 

You can play a game of I-spy the letter A. You can also practice an I-spy the color Red game. 


Tip #1 Don’t over stuff the bag too much or the letters won’t move around as easily. 

Tip #2 You can double bag if you feel you’d like more security. 


What other ways can you think of playing with these? 

early literacy activities for kids


Things to do Inside with Kids


So, there you have it. These are my tips and tricks on fun indoor activities you can try with kids on a rainy day or just for fun! 


These ideas will be updated with more fun ideas so definitely bookmark this if you’d like or share it with your friends. 


I hope your children have as much fun as mine did! Please let me know if you try any of these fun games to play with kids at home. 


** Supervision is required when attempting any of these activities. Some may contain smaller items and are not intended for children who are still putting things in their mouth. Please always supervise. 



Will you try these Fun Indoor Activities with Kids? Please let me know if you do! 

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Indoor Activities for Kids

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