Simple Glitter Calm Down Gold Sensory Bottle 


how to make a glitter sensory bottle



Sensory bottles are one of my most favorite types of sensory play to bring forth for my girls. 


It is in the top 5 in our home! 


To learn more about the sensory benefits from sensory bottles and for over 100 sensory bin ideas, definitely check out this post


Sensory bottles can be made in whatever way you’d like. 




What goes in a sensory bottle? 

There are many different things that constitute a sensory bottle. Here are some ideas: 



And, so many more items..


Note: For a really fun water bead sensory bottle that is SO calming, check out this post here





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  • Craft Bottle (Empty Voss Bottle)

  • Sequins (I used clover leaf gold sequence)

  • Hot glue gun

  • Hair gel

  • Warm to hot water




How do you make a calming bottle?


Easy peasy! 


Here are the steps I took to put this sensory bottle together: 


  • Open your empty craft bottle (sensory bottle)

  • Set it aside.

  • Insert warm to hot water in a separate cup and mix hair gel with it. 

  • The ratio of hair gel to hot water is 1:7

  • Once you have mixed this mixture and it has cooled down a bit, insert into a craft bottle. 

  • Halfway of the water entering the craft bottle, include your sequins and then fill the rest of the craft bottle with the remaining mixed hair gel and water. 

  • To keep it extra secure, you can use a hot glue gun to shut the top of the craft bottle shut. 

  • And, there you have it! A fun gold sequin craft bottle!


Made in minutes! 




What are sensory bottles used for? 


Sensory bottles are calming. 


They are entertaining. 


They allow for early learning. 


Sensorial bottles come with so many benefits! To read more on the benefits of sensory play, go here. 


They can be used, themed, for the current holiday! 


They are great for toddlers, preschool and kindergarten. 


So many ways to just shake around, play to learn and calm down with. 




How do you calm sensory bottles?


The bases that are added within the sensory bottles allow for a calming effect. 


For example, if you are using hair gel mixed with water as we did this time around, it will allow for the gold sequins to flow slowly and smoothly.


This allows for a calming effect and allows for all of the sensory benefits




How do you make a sensory clear glue bottle? 


We made a really fun sensory bottle with clear glue and it was so COOL! 


Here are 4 calming sensory bottles we made using clear glue that were spooktacular! 


Note: Here is a fun rainbow water beads sensory bottle that was really pretty and fun to make as well! Check it out here


Have you made a sensory bottle before? How did it turn out? Leave me a comment below.


simple glitter calm down sensory bottle

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