Simple Foam Pumpkin Craft for Kids

simple foam pumpkin craft for kids


These foam pumpkins are the cutest activity ever! We have been enjoying our pumpkin cornmeal sensory bin so much that I wanted to create an easy craft for my girls. 


Sensory bins are way fun and I have a post that is ALL about sensory bins right here, but sometimes a little art and crafts for kids is a great idea! 


Alternatively, we used foam vs paper but if you do not have foam paper, you can try felt or construction paper! Both work well and are wonderful paper crafts for kids.


These crafty foam pumpkins are also great for perpetuating creative expression and exuberating imagination. 


Check out Pumpkin Halloween Crafts for Kids for crafty pumpkin decoration ideas! 



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Easy peasy. 


This is a very simple and easy craft activity you can set up for your little ones. They’ll enjoy creating their very own craft pumpkin in their own way!

foam pumpkins

Pumpkin Foam Craft Activities for Kids at home


My girls enjoyed adding the little mouth and eyes to their very own pumpkin using foam paper. As mentioned above, you don’t need foam paper to create  a craft at all. There are other options. 


One thing they really enjoyed together was creating matching pumpkins. Almost like a family of pumpkins. 

It was really cute. I usually just let them create what they find fitting for them and it always turns out special! 


Adding a bunch of googly eyes instead of two craft eyes turns the pumpkin into a pumpkin monster! It’s neat what they can create and come up with. 

Here are some options you can try if you don’t have foam paper on hand along with some fun accessories: 


What other fun ideas can you think of for adding to your craft pumpkin? Let me know in the comments below so I can try it out too!

diy spooky pumpkins craft for kids

Creative activities for preschoolers 


Preschoolers will really enjoy this simple pumpkin craft activity. It allows for so many benefits. Some of them being fine motor and hand-eye coordination.


As far as creation goes, I let my girls form their own expression of creation. They use their imagination to come up with some pretty epic ideas! 

Add in an educational experience by calling out how many eyes they see or what colors the different foam papers that make up the pumpkin craft are. 


What other fun ideas can you think of creating with these craft foam pumpkins for preschoolers?

Will you give this Simple Foam Pumpkin Craft for Kids a try? 

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easy foam pumpkin craft for kids

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