Simple Fine Motor Activity using Pom Poms


pom pom activity for kids



I love a good and simple fine motor activity


This activity was as simple to set up as making pie. 


Here is a list of other amazing fine motor activities we have tried: 



This time around, I set up a simple fine motor activity using only two items. I will be sharing all about it below. 


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How to set up this simple fine motor play


This activity we tried this time around was SO simple to set up. 


So simple, all you will need for this kids activity is.. 




That’s really all there is to it. 


I poured pom poms onto our play tray. 


Then, I added an ice cube tray right next to all those lovely pom poms. 


A fine motor tool was also added to the tray. 


Voila! The fine motor tray is ready to go. 





Pom Pom Fine Motor Activities for Kids



I really enjoy activities for kids that incorporate a differentiated set of ages.


This particular kids activity does just that! 





Fine Motor Activity for Toddlers


Toddlers can practice pre writing skills by using the fine motor tool to strengthen their hand muscles. 


They can also learn about colors and sorting, scooping and pouring. 


Add one colored pom pom into every other hole in the ice cube tray. 


Then, your toddler can use a different color to fill the empty holes. 


This will in turn allow for them to see the difference in pattern play. 





Fine Motor Activity for Preschoolers


Preschoolers can go about learning colors, counting and textured feeling of the pom poms. 


Preschool teachers can also set up a pattern play with the ice cube tray. 


Practice counting how many pom poms it took to place one pom pom within each tray! 


Do you own pom poms? 


If you do not, you may use mini erasers, wool balls, counting chips


These are all great alternatives to pom poms and work real well! 





Fine Motor Activity for Kindergarten


Kindergarteners may use this easy fine motor play activity to practice patterns, colors, counting, adding, taking away, color patterns.. And so much more!


Place two trays side by side and add a different numbered amount of pom poms into each tray. 


Then add them up! 


This allows your kindergartener to visually see how two pieces of the puzzle are the same exact amount when all placed together. 


Another fun game you can try with your kindergartener is to create patterns of 3 with the pom poms. 


Your kindergartener will fill the other slots and follow the color patterns. 


What other fun and educational ways can you think of incorporating fine motor skills and play to learn with this easy activity?


fine motor pom pom activity for kids

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