Simple Fine Motor Activity using Pipe Cleaners and Paper Straws



fine motor activity using paper straws and pipe cleaners



What a fun fine motor activity!


This paper straw, pipe cleaner activity is so easy to set up and includes many benefits!




What are fine motor activities?


Fine motor skills allow for children to use the small muscles that control their hand to perform tasks like writing, drawing, buttoning up a sleeve, building toys…


A threading activity montessori style like the one we tried is a great fine motor activity for a differentiated set of ages. 




Why are motor skills important?


Why are fine motor skills important for handwriting? 


The importance of fine motor skills


  • It helps children learn pre writing skills such as how to use crayons, scissors, pencils..

  • Helps children learn important skills like reaching and grabbing

  • Hand and eye coordination


And many more..


I will be sharing below how we made this easy breezy fine motor pipe cleaner activity.


Note: For another really simple fine motor activity, check out this one we made for St Patrick’s Day. 





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Simple. Easy and that’s all you will need! 




Pipe Cleaner Activity for Toddlers


Here are the steps I took for this easy fine motor activity: 


  • I cut up the paper straws and added them into a muffin tin. 

  • Then, I added pipe cleaners to the table. 

  • The goal of this activity was for the paper straws to be placed into the pipe cleaners. 

  • This allows for the benefits of fine motor play to take hold. 




Threading activity for toddlers benefits


The benefits of this threading activity allowed for my little to practice pre-writing skills while having fun. 


Learning through play is what it is all about.




Threading Activities Kindergarten


Kindergarteners can try this same activity and more. 


Here are some ideas for threading activities for Kindergarten: 


  • Create a necklace from beads

  • Create a necklace, bracelet out of uncooked pasta

  • Pipe cleaner and paper straw activity for counting

  • Pipe cleaner and paper straw activity for adding and subtracting

  • Locks and Latches Counting Activity




Is cutting a fine motor skill? 


Yes, it is! 


Check out this post of my girls cutting paper with indentations on them. 




What are examples of fine motor skills?


Here are a couple of fine motor activities we have tried in the past: 





Can fine motor skills be improved? 


How can I improve my child’s fine motor skills?


Yes, all the benefits mentioned above will allow for children to learn and master these skills. 


Children will also learn to play independently and go about their day in a confident way. 




What activities can help improve fine motor skills? 


  • Writing

  • Building

  • Drawing

  • Painting

  • Cutting

  • Opening and closing

  • Zipping

  • Buttoning

  • Picking up

  • Pincer grasp activity

  • Folding

  • Adding stickers to a sheet of paper

  • Using a fine motor tool

  • Threading beads activity


Have you attempted a fine motor activity


Leave me a comment down below. I’d love to hear about your experience. 🙂



pipe cleaner and paper straw activity for kids

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