Simple Color Shape Cardboard Activity 


simple color and shape recycled activity for kids




This kids activity is so easy to make, involved learning through play and uses a piece of cardboard/craft board to make a recycled toy! 


How epic is that! 




Recycled shape game


So easy to put together and I am going to go through all I used to create this Recycled Cardboard Shape DIY down below. 


So, make sure to keep reading and please dont forget to share in the comments your easy recycled crafts for kids. 🙂 





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That’s all you’ll need. Super easy and simple. 




What to do with a box, you ask? 


There are so many ideas that you can try with a recycled box


I love when an order from Amazon comes to our home and after I’ve removed all that’s within the cardboard carton, I love coming up with creative ideas to use with that box. 


Sometimes I’ll use a recycled plastic bottle, container, or craft board.


Here are some ideas we have tried in the past using clean, used cardboard boxes and recycled items: 



These are just a few and are a great way to get started on recycled play for kids




Repurpose Cardboard Boxes into Kids Learning Games


Draw out shapes using a sharpie marker, onto your cardboard box or craft board


*Note: Get creative and use what you already have at home to help you stencil out the shapes. 


I used a bowl we had at home to create a circle. 


I used a shoe box cover to create the rectangle. 


Then, write out the color words within the shapes. 


Set the cardboard shapes aside.


Next, pick a different color of construction paper to cut out different, same sized shapes.


These will be to match with the corresponding shapes on the cardboard box/craft board


And, there it is! 


You’ve a fun DIY toy made out of recycled items! 



shape activities for kids




Homemade montessori activities for toddlers


The shape activity up atop is a great one!


You can also use a craft box for kids that incorporates art! 


How about an activity box for toddlers that incorporates art? 


The great thing is, these DIY montessori toddler activities can be used for a differentiated set of ages. 


Toddlers can paint inside of a clean recycled box and the great thing is – its contained! 


Older children can use a cardboard box to paint on as well. 


Maybe they can create an epic pretend car out of it or a road way using cardboard pieces. 


What about pretend fruits or vegetables? 


Cut out cardboard pieces into fruits or vegetables for a fun pretend play game of grocery store! 


There are literally so many ideas you can think of using recycled art for kids!


Can you think of any? Leave me a comment down below! 


I’d love to learn your amazing recycled play ideas!


shape recycled play for kids

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