Simple Alphabet Pasta Sensory Bottle


simple alphabet sensory bottle



Sensory Activities are definitely top 5 in our home. 


It’s no surprise that they are full of amazing benefits and are fun for learning, for playing and it’s just an all around amazing activity for kids! 


We’ve made a couple of DIY sensory toys for toddlers and for kids. Here are some ‘making bottles’ ideas : 



And many more.. 


This time around I wanted to make a fun letter pasta sensory bottle. 


My LO is 4 currently and is interested in the ABC song and learning about letters and their sounds so this was a perfect sensory bottle for us. 


I usually purchase these alphabet letters from our local grocery store. 


They are made for making alphabet soup. 


The brand is Goya and they are pretty neat! 


I’ve thought to dye them but never seemed to execute it due to thinking that the letters wouldn’t be able to be seen with all that color or with no color at all as they are all mixed together and it’s harder to see each letter. 


And, boy was I wrong. 


The different colors actually help the letters stick out even more. 


And, when they are all within a letter sensory bottle, sensory bag or within a letter sensory bin the letters just stick out with all of the colored letters mixed! 


Making sensory bottles is so much fun and I love that each can be curated to your liking, what your child is learning and more…


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alphabet pasta sensory bottle for kids




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How to make a sensory bottle


Here are the steps we took to create a bottle for learning about the alphabet: 


  • Add equal parts of uncooked letter pasta into ziplock bags. 

  • Then add a squirt or 2 of acrylic paint and a dash of hand sanitizer. 

  • Zip up the ziplock bag and shake it up! 

  • Once your uncooked pasta is fully coated, set it out to dry onto a tray. 

  • Lastly, once it is fully dry it is ready to be inserted into your recycled sensory bottle. 

  • Practice ABC recognition games with it and explore learning fun! 



How to make an alphabet sensory bottle video below




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alphabet sensory bottle for kids



Learning letters through Sensory Play


Make your own shaker bottle with this fun sensory alphabet pasta recipe to create DIY sensory toys for early learning. 


These pasta letters can also be used within alphabet sensory bags or an alphabet sensory bin. 


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simple alphabet sensory bottle for kids


alphabet pasta sensory play for kids



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