Shaving Cream Marbling Art for Kids


shaving cream marbling art for kids


What a wonderful kids activity and kids craft this is! 


This is probably one of the easiest and coolest ways to create marbled paper art.


All we used to make our paper marbled and magical were 2 ingredients


That’s right! Only two. 


I’ll be sharing below how I put this simple activity together and how we went about making the  flower art – spring themed!


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shaving cream art for kids




How to put together your Shaving Cream Marbled Paper


How do you make marble with shaving cream? 


It’s easy peasy! 


Here are the steps I took to create this epic and crafty activity for kids:


  • Spray shaving cream onto a tray and spread it out. 

  • Then, squirt a bit of washable watercolors on to the shaving cream. 

  • My girls used the opposite side of a paintbrush to mix the colors around on the shaving cream. 

  • Then press your cardstock cutout gently onto the colors and the shaving cream. 

  • Voila! You’ve made marbled paper art! 



shaving cream marble art for kids




We themed our marbled paper art for Spring ..


Yes, we did!  


I made sure to cut out flowers of the same size and add a different colored circle right in the middle of each flower. 


That way we can talk about the colors with my preschooler. 


We can also count them! 


And, while doing this it’ll be themed for spring! 


Add a thick craft stick to the bottom and place them in a pretend play pot filled with beans or dirt. 


Practice colors and counting with this fun pretend play set up! 



shaving cream rainbow art for kids




Does shaving cream dry on paper? 


In our experience, as soon as you remove the shaving cream the paper is fully dry. 


It does not dry and becomes sticky at all. 


Once the shaving cream is removed from the paper with a scraper/ruler the paper is dry with a beautiful marbled art. 


So, no, the shaving cream does not dry on paper when attempting the marbled paper art method like we tried! 🙂 



shaving cream rainbow art




How do you do marble effect on paper? 


You can try the method we tried with washable watercolors and shaving cream


If you do not have washable watercolors, you can also dilute a bit of food coloring in water and try in this way. 


Use droppers to add the color onto the shaving cream to make this activity more engaging. 


Have you tried a different method? 


Leave me a comment below letting me know the method that worked or didn’t work for you! 




What paper is used for marbling? 


We used cardstock paper! 


The reason why we used this thicker paper is so that the paper doesn’t break throughout the marbling art process. 


If I were to use regular printer paper, the paper may break throughout the process. 


Trust me, I have attempted this and it didn’t go very well. 🙁 🙂




How do you make marble paper for kids?


If you are looking to make marble paper art for kids, definitely check out the products we used along with the steps we took to create this beautiful shaving cream marbling art! 


I wrote the steps up above and they worked amazingly well! 🙂


shaving cream marble art for spring

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