Shapes Printable Activities for Preschool

Shape Activities for kids


Looking for a fun and engaging set of printables that teach about the basic shapes?


Here is a fun printable I created using different shapes with their name in text at the center. 


We love these because they are great for on the go, they go well in busy bins, and they can be used for learning colors as well!


What other fun ways can you think of using these?


If you haven’t checked out our Bugs Busy Bins printables, they are awesome and great for early learners!



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How to setup your Shapes Printables 


color games for preschool



Print the Shapes Printable, laminate (optional) and cut them.


Laminating them is completely optional. We laminate our printables so that it maintains them and we are able to use them over and over again.


This has worked incredibly well with having siblings. My oldest used them and now that my youngest is older and ready for them, they are available for her as well. 


Laminating them also allows for a dry erase marker to be used in tracing the shape or the shape words. Once my girls are done learning it can be easily erased. 


Again, it is completely optional and up to you how you decide to use them. 🙂


Once, your printables are prepped, they are ready for play and learning! 



free shape printables



What age range can be used with these Shape Printables?


These printables are so diverse and can be used not only for learning about the different shapes, but about colors too!


For a more advanced approach, my kindergartener traced the words of the colors and shapes to learn about writing and reading! 


These are really perfect for a differentiated set of ages in terms of early learning and have been so helpful in our home. 


And, im excited that they will be available for you, in your home/school!


What other fun ways can you think of using these?


free printables



Fun shape games you can try at home with your preschooler


Both my preschooler and kindergartener benefit from these!


My preschooler enjoys matching the circles with the circles, the square with the square and so forth. 


She really enjoys matching activities and these work well for learning about the different shapes!


She also loves calling out the colors of each of the shapes. So, if we are working on circle that day, she will call out the red circle or the blue circle and so on.


We’ll usually add in a couple pom poms into the mix and she will use them to match with the shape cards. Great color matching activity!


Coloring is both of my girls favorite things to do so, my youngest loves to use different dry erase markers to color on the laminated shapes and in turn match the colored marker to the shape cards. 


What other fun ways can you think of using these for your preschooler?



free printables



Fun shape games you can try at home with your kindergartener


My kindergartener is learning all about writing and reading. So, we use these for just that!


She enjoys all that my preschooler learns and more. 


I laminate them, so she will take a dry erase marker and trace the words within the shape cards. She’ll sound the letters out, read the word aloud and write the word out by tracing over it.  


She also learns not only to write out the shape name but she learns to write out the color name as well. Two in one success!


These are also great for on the go or for travel. If you have busy bins, these are a great shape busy bin option!


Gather some letter magnets and write out the shape/color words next to the shape cards.


What other fun ways can you think of using these with your kindergartener?



shapes printables for preschool


Will you give this Shapes Printable Activities for Preschool a try?


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Shape Activities for kids



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