Shapes Activities for Preschool Learning Printable


Shapes Printable



Are you looking for a fun shapes activity for your preschoolers?


Here is a fun and simple little shape printable I created that is so much fun! 


I’ve added in shapes of all kinds: 


  • Some shapes have dotted edges. 


  • Some shapes have are fully colored.


  • Some shapes are just text. 


Yay for so many fun shapes activities!



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preschool shapes learn



The differentiated set of shapes allow for different areas of learning about shapes. 


You can match them with shape manipulatives, write them, trace them, match the shape to the shape word… 


I hope you have as much fun with this shape activity as my 3 year old has! 


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How to put together: Shape Activities for Preschoolers


Once you have downloaded The Shape Matching Printable, add the pages in a folder, binder or dry erase pocket.


I really enjoy using a dry erase pocket for these as we enjoy using a dry erase marker to trace the letters. 


And, when your child is done tracing the letters, its as easy as 1-2-3 in erasing them to be used for for another time! 



shape printable for preschoolers




The Shapes activities broken down … 


What’s included: 


  • Tracing Shapes

  • Shape Words 

  • Color Shapes

  • Colors

  • Fill in the Shapes

  • Shape Matching

  • B&w Shapes



The list is full of so many ways your child can learn about the basic shapes. 


You can also improvise in so many different ways. 


Is there a fun way you used these printables with your child to learn about shapes? I’d love to learn about it. 


Leave me a comment down below! 



preschool shapes




Some ways we have used this shape printable…


We love these shape links for matching to the correct shape. It’s a great way to not only learn about shapes, but about colors too!


These shape buttons are really cool too! They come in all types of different colors and work very well in matching to the shapes. 


The b&w shape printable sheet is great for your little learner to color in.


Once they are done coloring, ask them what colors they drew along with the type of shape!


Use the dry erase pocket for the tracing sheet! This works well for teaching your preschooler how to trace in the lines. 


You can use the shape words for with one of the shape sheets to create a matching game!



shapes printables




This works well for kindergarteners for a more advanced approach.


Your kindergartener can also practice writing the shape words on a notebook using these shape word cards!


What other fun learning activities can you think of with this Shape Matching Game?



shape games for kids




Will you give these Shapes Activities for Preschool Learning Printable a try?



Pin it for later?


Shapes Printable



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