Sensory Play for Toddlers


diy sensory bags for kids


We absolutely love sensory bags in this home! 


What’s great about sensory play


You can literally theme this fun DIY project to the current season, theme them with a preschool theme, play and learn for pre-writing skills and so much more while also receiving the benefits of sensory play




Yes, sensory play is amazing! 


Here are a few of our previous sensory bag ideas we have created: 



We love making them. 


diy early learning sensory bags for kids


You can theme DIY sensory bags for learning about: 


  • Colors sensory bag

  • Counting sensory bag

  • Shapes sensory bag

  • Letters sensory bag

  • Pre-writing skills sensory bag

  • Textured sensory bag

  • Sensory bag with hair gel

  • Water Bead sensory bag

  • Water sensory bag

  • Water and Oil Sensory bag

  • Sensory bag with Shaving cream


So many fun sensory bag ideas! 


I’ll be sharing below how I made this simple sensory bag for early learning and all the items I used to put this sensory bag for kids together. 


Note: For the benefits of sensory play and for over 100 sensory play ideas, definitely check out this post right here! 


diy sensory bag



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That’s all it took to create this simple sensory bag! 🙂 




DIY Sensory bag video below


Sensory play ideas


Here are the steps I took to create this shapes water filled sensory bag: 


  • Open up your ziplock bag 

  • Remove the tape from the back of each of the foam shapes you will be using. 

  • Then, attach them anywhere you’d like to inside of the bag.

  • Fill your zip lock bag with water. 

  • Note: I made this set of sensory bags a Small-Medium-Large early learning activity. I had small-medium-large foam shapes and added them into the small-medium-large zip lock bags. 

  • For the Large bag I used 3 cups water. 

  • For the Medium bag I used 2cups of water. 

  • For the Small bag I used 1 cup of water. 

  • Note: This will depend on the size of the ziplock bags you have. My medium may be different from yours. 

  • Then, make sure to remove all of the air before you close the bag. 

  • Once completely closed, use duct tape to seal the top (this prevents water from coming out and to keep it extra secure). 

  • You can tape it down to a play mat or on a table. 

  • Point to the different shapes and talk about them and their colors as a fun sensory play for preschoolers.

  • You can count them and learn about small-medium-large differences for preschool. 

  • This is a great play to learn activity while receiving the benefits of sensory play!




Sensory baby toys


This sensory bag can also be used as a fun squishy bag taped down to the floor as baby sensory play


Supervision is always required with this sensory play for babies.


You can point to the shapes and see if your baby will follow along. 


To read more on the benefits of sensory play, check out this post right here.


diy sensory play for kids

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