My Senses Interactive Activity Binder

This Early Learning Activity Binder is a fun way to learn about the senses. This Interactive Binder is perfect for learning about sight, hearing, taste, smell, and touch!

Senses Activity Binder for Preschoolers


Are you looking for a fun way to teach about the senses this summer? This folder is tailored to go back to on other days for a wonderful learning experience. It is simple to use and easy to setup. Each page goes into depth about the senses with matching games, and colorful interactive learning fun!


Senses Interactive Binder


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There are 6 fun filled activities in this senses activity book. You can print them all out, or pick and choose the ones you find work for you and your child. Laminating is optional but a great option to help preserve the pages. Sheet protectors are a second option and a great one to protect the sheets!

Free Interactive Binder


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Printable My Senses Quiet Book Activity Pages 1-5

1. Match the correct body part that are used for your senses. This is a fun learning experience for your child to learn the five different body parts used for senses.

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2. Match the correct action to the correct body part/vice versa. This is a fun way to learn more in depth about the actions we take and what senses they impact.

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3. Match the correct words to the correct senses. This helps learn about the wording of each sense in depth. I also provided an image next to the word for overall learning fun!

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4. This Matching Game is fun one! It requires versatile learning fun by providing each of the images of the senses along with the wording of each sense. First, match the correct images. Then, what senses do those images correspond to?

Senses Activity Binder for Preschoolers

 5. Practice the items that correspond with each of the senses. Match the correct image with the correct phrase. For example, “I can taste”, … add the correct images that correspond with what you can taste.

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6. Your child will be able to practice writing what they actually see on a day to day basis.  This will help them learn about each of the senses on their terms. With a protective sheet cover it will be easy to remove the markings from a washable marker. If you choose to write on the paper itself, you can always print it out again!

Interactive Binder for Preschoolers


6 Fun filled activities to explore for learning about the senses!

So there you have it! I hope you and your early learner love this activity book as much as we do! If you try it out please don’t forget to share with me. Id love to share it!



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Senses Activity Binder for preschoolers and kids

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