Science Experiment for Preschoolers


This simple science experiment is sure to be a hit with your kids this summer. My girls love science activities and so do I. They provide loads of fun while allowing the experience of learning at the same time. How wonderful is that!

science activity for preschoolers

Quick and simple Science Experiments


Kids science activities can be done at home using the simplest materials you may already own or you can easily find at the grocery store. Less supplies usually call for a really fun lesson. Sometimes, I’ll bring up questions like, “What color is that?” or “How many cups are there on the table?”. Less supplies usually brings forth many questions when it’s not so niche’d down.

math activity for preschool

Setting up this preschooler science experiment could not have been easier



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science experiments for preschoolers

I added about 1 tbs of baking soda to the small container cups. Then, I added water halfway to the cups. You mix the food coloring to the water but because I was making multiple colors, I decided to add the food coloring in after the water was added in. Add a drop of each colored food coloring you will use to the amount of cups you are using.

science learning fun

My preschooler got an absolute kick out of this science activity. The fizzing that erupted was a really fun experience to see. Then, the fun of seeing the fizz coming back again and again. My girls loved it!

kids science activities

This experiment is great for learning with numbers and colors. What’s also really cool and fun is that you can repeat the fun over and over again. I just add more baking soda to the cups and start the process all over again. Bring the fizzies on!

science experiment for fun learning

It really was a beautifully fun preschool science experiment and one that I know we will test out again using different items too. It was really fun to watch as it fizzled and fun to play around with.

science experiments

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Will you give this preschool science activities a try?

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Science Activities for preschoolers


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