Rainbow Tissue Paper Contact Paper Window Art 


rainbow tissue contact paper window art



Tissue paper activities are so much fun! 


This particular one we made with my girls the other day is a rainbow tissue paper activity and we had a blast making it together! 


I worked on one side while my little one worked on symmetry and completed the opposite side. 🙂 


We worked on learning colors, fine motor skills and just having good ol’ fun together! 


If you’d like to learn what we used and all the details of how you can go about making one of your own, I’ll be sharing all of how we made this rainbow sun catcher below! 🙂 


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That’s all! 




How do you make a suncatcher with tissue paper? 


It looks like it would be a bit complicated. 


But, that is far from the truth. 


It is so easy to create and put together! 🙂 


These are the steps we took to create our rainbow tissue paper suncatcher


  • Open up your sticky paper roll

  • Draw a rainbow layout on the non sticky part of the contact paper. 

  • Then, remove one end of the contact paper. 

  • Stick both ends with tape onto a window exposing the sticky side to face you. 

  • Then, cut the other end and tape both sides onto the wall completely. 

  • The sticky side should be facing towards you 

  • You are all set and ready to add your cut up tissue paper onto the rainbow!

  • Use the rainbow lines to differentiate where the tissue paper colored scraps go. 


And, that is all there is to it! 🙂 




How do you make stuff out of tissue paper? 


There are so many fun ways you can go about using tissue paper to create something artsy and epic! 


Here are some ideas I can think of when using tissue paper for an activity: 


  • Tissue paper mermaids tail on paper

  • Tissue paper suncatcher

  • Tissue paper with glue for a fun craft

  • Tissue paper for seasonal crafts

  • Tissue paper to rip apart in a sensory bin




How to make a suncatcher with preschoolers


Making a suncatcher is easy! 


Here is one we made for Valentines Day and it was so much fun! 


We used transparent file folders to create an even more transparent suncatcher. 


You can use construction paper in place of the transparent file folders. 


I actually like using construction paper a bit more sometimes. 


Here is how to make a suncatcher with preschoolers


  • Lay two sheets of construction paper on the table. 

  • Cut a fun design (heart for example) on both sides of the construction sheets. 

  • These will lay on top of each other with the contact paper in the middle. 

  • Set these sheets aside. 

  • Then, cut the same sized contact paper (sticky paper) sheet you will be using to add in between the 2 sheets of construction paper. 

  • Then, cut out little squares of tissue paper (not too little so its easy for little hands to pick up) and add the tissue paper scraps onto the contact paper (sticky paper) 

  • Then use glue to sandwich the contact paper with the 2 sheets making sure the tissue paper is showing through as a heart 🙂 

  • If you’d like to cut the construction sheets into a heart so that the rim of the heart only shows, you can do so as well! 

  • You’ve created a really fun suncatcher and you can make it any style or theme you’d like! 🙂


Share with me below, have you ever made a suncatcher with your preschoolers or with your littles at home before? 


What did you try differently? Or, did you make one similar to ours? 



rainbow tissue paper sticky paper window art

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