Rainbow Soap Foam Sensory Play 


rainbow foam soap



I love easy and simple indoor activities for kids


This time around, I was looking for something we haven’t made in quite some time. 


So, I looked far into some of the activities we haven’t tried in a while and here was one of them. 


When I tell you it is easy peasy to make, you’ve gotta trust me on this one! 


It’s SO easy! 


So, “How do you make Rainbow soap foam?” 


I’ll be sharing below how I made this simple bubble foam diy and how we added an Easter twist to it with our Easter eggs!


Note: For another fun DIY, check out this Easy Montessori Learning Activity I made for pennies with items I already had at home!





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And, that is all there is to it my friends! 




How to make Rainbow Soap Foam Video Tutorial Below





How do you make foam soap for kids? 


How do you make homemade foam?


How do you make foam soap with dish soap?


These are both great questions. It’s very easy! 


Here are the steps I took to put together our rainbow soap foam: 


  • I used a blender to add my concoctions to! 🙂 

  • Add 2 tsp of a generous amount of dish soap 

  • A squirt of washable liquid watercolors

  • ¼ cup of filtered water

  • Close the lid shut tight and lock it once these three ingredients are inside and blend away. 

  • You will see your foam start to rise. 

  • Tip: I have 3 level settings and used these interchangeably. So, if I noticed it wasnt rising as much, I’d move the high to low then it would rise. When it stopped I’d move the low to high… I let ours blend for around 40 seconds to a minute. 

  • Once you see your foam has magically risen, remove the blade and set that aside far away from anyone and dip the soap foam into your bin. 

  • Repeat the step if you are making more colors! 




How long does soap foam last?  


Because we had the correct ingredients and it wasnt too watery our soap foam lasted a fairly long time. 


The previous time we made this it had too much water so the bubbles disappeared quickly. 


But this time around that did not happen, and I can say it lasted quite a bit. 🙂 


Oh! And using liquid watercolors will not stain hands. 


If you are using food coloring, it may stain a bit.


Add a drop into your ¼ cup of water so it is diluted and prevents staining a little less. 




How do you make kids foam soap safe?


There is a method of using the water of chickpeas to create a taste-safe foam soap. 


However we have not tried it but I am curious to try it one of these days! 🙂 


We have attempted to use my girls organic soap which is by the company Rainbow. 


It is their tear free, natural herbs and essential oils baby soap they have been using for a long time and this in turn is a safe way to make this foam soap as well! 


Let me know below if you have ever made foam soap before. I’d love to hear your experience!


rainbow soap foam sensory play

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