Rainbow Printable Free Worksheet for Kids


Rainbow Printable Freebie Worksheet - Active Littles



Who else loves rainbows?! 🙂


If you do, leave me a comment down below. 


Rainbows are great to use for sensory play, to learn colors, for an art or craft, on a nature walk, to learn about the science behind it, to use for fine motor practice.. 


Rainbows are literally one of those categories that can be used in so many areas of teaching. 


So here I am, with a fun free printable all about rainbows. 


There are different types of rainbow with all sorts of learning games within each. 


You can use them as a fun coloring craft, for learning about colors, as a nesting toy, within sensory bins, for fine motor practice and so much more.. 


Note: If you love all things rainbow, you may want to learn how to create a rainbow sensory bin. Here is our rainbow rice that I bring out every once in a while! 





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These are some of the items that you may need and have been helpful for us:)




How to use this Free Rainbow Printable for Kids


Below is a video of how I used one of the sheets to create an Epic Rainbow Puzzle 🙂


Some ideas you can try with these rainbow worksheets are: 



What other fun ways can you think of using some of the sheets within this free printable? 




Play to learn activities with a fun set of rainbow worksheets 


Toddlers can use these within a busy book for pointing at the colors while you are in an airplane or waiting at a restaurant for your meal. 


My preschooler enjoyed the puzzle we made.


She and my 6 year old painted the rainbow arches with paint and enjoyed adding a piece of their part to the puzzle. 🙂 


My 6 year old can practice writing the color names. 


For instance, she knows how to write the color red, yellow, green, blue. 


Orange she still has difficulty with so it is a wonderful tool for her or any kindergarteners to practice writing the color names! 


What other fun ways can you think of using this Rainbow Worksheets freebie? 


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Rainbow Printable Freebie Worksheet - Active Littles

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