Rainbow Fish Craft for Toddlers and for Kids


rainbow fish craft for toddlers and for kids


I absolutely love incorporating some of my children’s books into activities


It is so much fun! 


Here are some children’s book activities we have tried before: 



And, now here is one for the, “The Rainbow Fish Book.” 


Out of many of the fish books for toddlers out there I like this one. It’s definitely a classic! 


Whether you are trying a fun rainbow fish art activity, a fish printable or a simple fish craft for children, this one is a fun one too! 


I’ll share how I put this simple rainbow fish scales activity together below. 


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And, that is it my friends! 


Can you believe it? 


So easy peasy! 


the rainbow fish activity for kids


The rainbow fish activities


This activity was lots of fun to make and the best part is that it was easy! 


I cut out fish onto a cardboard cutout. 


One of the fishes was larger than the other 3 that I cut out. 


Then, I added contact paper (sticky paper) the back of each of the cardboard pieces. 


This was so that the foam scales and the foam shiny paper would be easy to stick onto this simple fish craft for kids. 


So, yes I cut the foam sheets and the sparkly shiny paper into scale looking shapes and voila! 


I set these out on the table and we read the rainbow fish book along to this simple rainbow fish craft activity. 


My girls learned about sharing by adding the shiny sparkly scales from the bigger fish to the 3 other fish and then they decorated their fish with colorful foam scales! 


Another fun way to learn is to count the shiny scales as you add them to your fish. 


For a more advanced approach, practice adding them or subtracting them. 


Learning about the alphabet? 


Write out letters onto each of the foam scales to practice shouting out the letter name as you add them to your fish.


Learning about colors?


The foam sheets are full of colors and you can practice shouting out the color name as you add the scales to your fish. 


My oldest wanted to create the colors of the rainbow with the scales and instead disbursed them because she liked the way her little sister was creating hers! 


It’s all so much fun! 


These are wonderful sharing activities for preschoolers that can be incorporated within a school setting or whether you are homeschooling.. 


This is a fun way to add in friendship activities for preschoolers and the advantage of sharing at times. 


Have you read the rainbow fish book before? Have you tried any fun rainbow fish activities? Share with me below and maybe we can try them out too! 


Do you happen to know any fun rainbow books for preschoolers? If you do leave me a comment below letting us know! 🙂 


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the rainbow fish craft and activity for kids

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