Rainbow Craft Painting using Marshmallows


rainbow kids craft using marshmallows




Who else loves marshmallows as much as we do? 


So, instead of just eating them, we used them for a fun craft! 


I must say, marshmallows are the perfect handle for a fun rainbow painting. 


If you do not have marshmallows at the current moment, you can try using cotton balls! 


Cotton balls will work just right for this fun rainbow craft activity for kids


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That is really all you will need for this easy St Patricks Day Rainbow craft


Looking for a fun tray like we used in our images? 


This tray is from Ikea and can be found here. 




Fun rainbow crafts for kids 


If you are looking for an easy rainbow craft this St. Patrick’s Day, this is it! 


It’s easy, you probably already own these household items and it’s a wonderful keepsake too! 


Do you have a long roll of paper? 


This awesome craft is great to be made on a large roll of paper if you are in a school setting or if there are siblings involved! 



diy craft using marshmallows for kids




Learning Activities for Toddlers and Preschoolers


How can you turn this fun rainbow craft into a learning activity


Talk about the colors, the shapes and what colors mix together to create new colors. 


Ask questions like, “What colors do you see?” or “This is the color red!”



Instead of a rainbow craft, you can try a green leaf clover or a golden coin! 


Count them for a more advanced approach and create patterns! 


See how many golden coins your preschooler can make by using number flashcards 1-10 and playing while learning!  


The great thing about easy activities for kids such as this is that it can work for a differentiated set of ages. 


Open ended play allows for so much fun at your child’s pace and you can totally add in a bit of a learning approach as mentioned up above. 


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Colored dry pasta is a great open ended diy that is wonderful for learning to count, learn about colors, add/subtract/ pattern matching and so much more! 




St Patricks Day Arts and Craft Ideas for Kids


Are you looking for more art and craft ideas you can try with your littles at home and/or whether you are in a school setting? 


Here are some ideas that may be helpful for this time of year: 



What other fun activities can you think of trying with marshmallows for a fun craft for kids? 


kids craft using marshmallows

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