Rainbow Alphabet Match Printable

rainbow alphabet match


These are the cutest little printables ever. They will be part of much bigger pack soon and I am excited to share as soon as I am able. 


If your little one is into learning about the alphabet with all of the colors of the rainbow, then these are perfect!


I have included two different activities within this printable. So, let’s dive right in. 


If you’re little one is learning all about shapes, definitely check out Shape Printable Activities!



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free printable for kids


How to put together the Rainbow Alphabet Printable together


Print the Rainbow Alphabet Match printable. I usually laminate them to maintain them much longer. I am also able to use them on the go (ex: at a restaurant), or on vacation.


But, it is okay if you do not laminate them as well. Both ways work just fine.


Once it has been cut or laminated right after (optional), prep them on the table and your child will match the correct uppercase to lowercase alphabet.


I have also included an alphabet match to a picture. Your child would match the letters to the correct first letter of that picture name. 


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Fun Learning Ideas using the Printable for Preschool


My preschooler enjoys calling out the colors on the rainbow. She also enjoys matching them together. 


She isn’t even aware of all of the uppercase to lowercase, so matching the rainbows together alone works very well. 


She also loves calling out the first couple of letters in the alphabet by its letter sound. 


Learning letter sounds before letter names is great because it helps in future reading skills. 


I have provided a little image within the second activity in this set, and she enjoys coloring the pictures.


What other fun activities can you think of with this Alphabet Match Printable. 



Fun Learning Ideas using the Printable for Kindergarten


My kindergartener at the time enjoyed everything that my preschooler enjoyed and more. 


She really liked matching uppercase/ lowercase letters (first activity) and calling out the letter sounds as she matched them.


The second activity was a little more advanced and perfect for a kidnergartener. 


It allowed her to call out the name of the image and see which letter of the alphabet matched with the first letter of that image. 


She also enjoyed coloring the little images. It was fun for her!


What other fun ways can you think of using these alphabet match cards? 


Will you try these Rainbow Alphabet Match Cards with your littles?


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rainbow alphabet match


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