Pumpkin Letter Recognition Activity

pumpkin halloween letter recognition activity for kids


Woohoo! Halloween is upon us and what better way to set up a pumpkin activity that is not only fun for your littles but also involves a wonderful learning experience such as alphabet recognition! 


This activity is very simple to set up and very few items you may already own at home will work well with this. It is so fun and my girls really love it! 


With all the stores filling up on Halloween items, I picked up a few stickers and manipulatives that would work well for invitation to play activities and play to learn set ups at home such as this one.


But, don’t worry if you can’t pick it up in a store for whatever reason. I will list a couple awesome ones below that you may purchase online that are really neat. 


Interested in Free Printables? Check out Summer Fun Alphabet Activity which is a perfect abc preschool learning activity and its completely free



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That’s it! 

letter recognition alphabet recognition for kids


I lay out my paper roll on a flat surface (a table). Then, I grab my sharpie and create a letter on the paper roll. 


You can also write out your child’s name or any sight words they are working on for a more advanced approach. 


Once you have written out the letter, name or word, your child will place the stickers or pom poms along the line. So fun and engaging!



Learning Letter Sounds through Letter Recognition for Preschool


What I love about this simple activity is that it can be diversified for different ages. My 3 year old can familiarize herself with the different letter sounds while my 5 year old can learn how to spell a word! 


While they learn they are also playing. How cool is that!


They follow the line with stickers while learning. It is also beneficial for hand and eye coordination and fine motor skills! 


I’m all for learning activities that involve play along with benefits. Yay for this!


So, I created a big letter S and miss 3 used her stickers and added them to the line one by one next to each other. This helped her learn how the letter S is shaped. 


Rather than writing it, she is learning it through adding stickers (having fun!). We also said the letter sound, “S” aloud as she added her stickers and a final letter sound of S to practice while she wasn’t adding on the stickers. 



Sight Word Practice through Letter Recognition for Kindergarten


For a more advanced approach, as mentioned above, you can set up a fun activity for your child to learn how to spell their name or a sight word. You can even try numbers and furthermore addition and subtraction!


Miss 5 enjoyed following the lines using the pumpkin stickers. It’s so fun for her! 


What she later found out is that once she completed a word, she sounded out the word and smiled for having sounded out the word! Everyone smiled! 


It’s amazing seeing your little one learning how to spell a word while having fun and enjoying adding themed stickers to a squiggled line!


What other fun ways can you think of applying with this letter recognition activity? 


Will you give this Pumpkin Letter Recognition Activity a try? 

Pin it for later? 

pumpkin letter recognition activity for kids


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