Preschool Letter Recognition Sensory Bag

preschool letter recognition

I love setting up a fun learning activity for my girls. Especially when it involves play! 


We’ve been having so much fun with our Preschool Learning Box, that I decided to come up with something fun for my preschooler. This play idea works well as a learning activity for kids on a rainy day or just for some indoor fun!


How to make your Preschool Sensory Bag


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Add hair gel into your zip lock bag. Then, add in your letter/number/shape magnets.

preschool sensory development

Close the bag by zipping it up. Spread out the hair gel and magnets around with your hands. 


Before taping the bag to the table, make sure that the magnets are facing upward. 


Once your magnets are facing upward, tape your bag(s) onto the table for security. Have fun learning while playing! 

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ABC Preschool Sensory Activities


There are a variety of ways you can go about this preschool sensory bag. The way I made it (uppercase/lowercase) benefited my children for their specific age. 

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Upper case/Lower case Letters Play Ideas

I added uppercase letters into one bag. Then, I added lowercase letters into a second bag. 


If you’d like to, you can add a sharpie marker square box on the top of each of the bags. This indicates where a letter should be placed for an easy matching game of uppercase/lowercase letters. 

Playing a game of calling out the letter name is wonderful. Shouting out the letter sound is even better and aids in practicing for future reading skills. 

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Shapes Play Ideas

If you have shape magnets, you can use them to match shapes within two bags like we used. You can also just add the magnets into one bag and play a game of I-Spy. 


Shape magnets are usually in different colors. Play a game of, “I-Spy the color red” is also beneficial in learning the colors while playing. 


Number Play ideas 

If you have number magnets, you can use them in many different ways and for many different ages. 


Add number magnets into a bag and align them in order from 1-10. If your child is more advanced, align numbers 11-20. 


For Kindergarteners, you can create a game of addition/subtraction. If you have older children, create a game using multiplication/division magnets. 


Add sharpie marker boxes within a jumbo bag and have your child match letters/numbers. 


Literacy Play Ideas


Letter magnets are not just for practicing the ABC’s. They can be used for creating words or writing your name. 


Add sharpie marker boxes within the top of the bag. Your child will move the letters to the boxes to create their name or a word. 


Sound each letter out as they read the word or their name. These are wonderful ways to practice early literacy using a sensory bag for some indoor fun!

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Sensory Baby Activities

This bag isn’t only for children who are learning to read, write or add. Even though it contains these amazing tools for learning, it can most certainly work for baby. 


Tape the sensory bag to the floor in your home and your baby will just feel the bag and the different textures the magnets make. If you have a toddler, you can call out the different colors of the magnets.


This almost makes for a sensory playground for some indoor fun for your little one. It allows for giggles and play while allowing for an engaging sensory experience. 


Babies and Toddlers will gain sensory development through fun and effective indoor play. For all about sensory play check out this post, here. 


Back to basics: ABC122 Games Sensory Activity


Overall, my girls always seem to enjoy when I create a sensory bag for them. Check out this amazing sensory bottle we made not to long ago.

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If you try any of these sensory play ideas out, please don’t forget to comment down below. 


Will you give this Preschool Letter Recognition Sensory Bag a try? 

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