Activities for Pre-K

Activities for Preschoolers; Please note: These are activities we have tried at our home. Please take into consideration the development level that your child is at when trying out these activities.

Simple Sprinkle Sensory Bag

This is a simple set up Rainbow Sprinkle Sensory Bag that is perfect for early learners practicing on their writing skills. As I was fixing up storage in the kitchen, I added sprinkles to a ziplock bag. To My surprise, I was curious to create a sensory bag...

DIY Counting Game

 Make a DIY Counting Activity in Seconds! The simple activities seem to be very effective with our little ones. Like this Counting game I made my three year old in a couple minutes. I used some of our most trusty items - dot stickers, homemade playdough and Rigatoni...

ActiveLittles Products

Active littles products Learning through Play Kids Activities  Buy Now Active Littles Pretend Play/ Dramatic Play Printable set is a growing bundle! For now, there are 11 Dramatic Play/ Pretend Play sets. There will be a total of 20 in the future and the price...

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