Pot of Gold Sensory Play for Toddlers


pot of gold sensory play



I absolutely enjoy creating sensory bins for my girls. 


They are easy and simple to put together, come loaded with benefits and you can theme them in a fun way! 


This sensory bin was created and themed for St. Patrick’s Day


It was a fun sensory bin that allowed for my little one to explore, search and find, and apply fine motor skills while having fun! 


I’ll be sharing below how I put this simple sensory bin together, the items I used to make it and some fun play to learn activities you can go about trying with this kids activity. 


Note: To learn about the benefits of sensory play and for over 100 sensory bin ideas, check out this post right here





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Simple and easy and so much fun! 




How I put together this simple St. Patricks Day Sensory Bin:


Here are the steps I took to create this simple sensory bin

  • I set out a bin on the table. 

  • Then, I added uncooked green lentils into the bin. 

  • Manipulatives were added thereafter such as pom poms and a faux caldron. 

  • Fine motor tools were also added in to pick up the pom poms and insert them into the faux cauldron. 

  • And, voila you have a simple St. Patricks Day sensory bin!




St. Patricks Day Sensory Bin and Activities


Not only is this a sensory bin for fun.


It also is loaded with benefits such as fine motor skills, play to learn activities and learning through play. 




What are Fine Motor Activities? 


Allow for the smaller muscles within the hands to work and in turn learn. Some examples are writing with a pencil, or opening a box, scissor cutting, zipping up things or buttoning a shirt. 




Why are fine motor skills important? 


Fine motor skills benefits that you may receive with this simple sensory bin: 


  • Hand and eye coordination

  • Pincer grasp 

  • Pre writing skills

  • Grasping small objects 


and more.. 




Fine Motor Skills Activities


My little one practiced her fine motor skills by using a fine motor tool to insert the pom poms into the faux cauldron. 


I added colorful pom poms to mimic the rainbow. 


The gold coins were also there so my little could scoop them up with her fine motor tool and insert them into the faux small cauldron. 




How I turned this fine motor activity into a fun play to learn activity




Not only was my little playing and having fun while receiving fine motor benefits. 


She also was learning! 


We called out the colors of each of the pom poms she collected. 


Then, we counted the gold coins she collected. 


Incorporating learning to count and learning about colors made this multi-purpose activity – a wonderful thing! 


For a more advanced approach, get siblings involved too! 


My oldest can collect using two faux cauldrons and then add/subtract the pom poms she collected within each. 


How cool is that? 


I absolutely love incorporating activities that involve both my girls!


What other fun ways can you think of using this sensory bin for a fun play to learn activity?


st. patricks day sensory bin

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