Play to Learn Heart Cards DIY Activity for Preschool


heart cards diy play to learn for preschool



Looking for a fun color mixing activity with Shaped Heart Cards? 


This DIY is so easy to create and is a wonderful source of educational learning fun while playing! 


Take a look at our play to learn shape cards which we made last year! 


Not only will they learn about different shapes, but they’ll also learn about different colors too!


How cool is that? 


This kids activity is tailored for Valentines Day and is so much fun too!


Heart activities for Valentine’s Day are my girls favorite! 


I’ll be sharing how we made this epic, crafty kids, learning activity along with the items we used, below!



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How to craft together this heart learning activity for my preschooler

  • Cut out a heart shape from each of your colored poster boards 6 times. 

  • Then cut out the same heart shape size with your transparent folder inserts

  • Next, you will use a fine point sharpie marker or a marker, pen… you have on hand to trace that same heart shape and a smaller one within it on the 6 poster boards. 

  • Cut the inner heart to create a stencil. Do this 6 times to complete 6 hearts. 

  • Next insert your transparent folder divider hearts in between two of your post board heart cutouts with a hot glue gun to sandwich them together. 

  • You are ready to play and learn with these shape cards




My 4 year old loved learning about color mixing this way


Grab each color and move them on top of each other to see how red and yellow makes orange and yellow and blue makes green! 


How neat is that? 


Call out what shape the cards are


This is a wonderful Valentines Idea for Preschool! 


Preschoolers will learn with them theme, “hearts” for the month of February along with learning about the basic colors! 




Note: If you are interested in more Valentines Day Activities, consider checking out our Valentines Day printables, here 🙂 




To learn more about the basic skills of early learning with these shaped cards, go here


A little sneak peak into two of the skills are:


  • Hand Eye Coordination

  • Independent Playing




Want another set of fun activities you can try with these shaped heart cards? 


  • Your toddler and preschooler can bring their toys to the correct color. 


  • Use them as a fun magnifying glass to see how things look in red, yellow and blue! 


What other fun crafty play to learn activities can you think of with these shape cards? 



play to learn activities for preschool

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