Play Based Alphabet Activities for Learning through Play

recycled play to learn activities




Play based activities are so much fun! 


I’m a big advocate for learning through play


Not only is your child learning via a worksheet, but rather while playing which in turns builds those neuron connections in the brain and in turn allows them to learn in a profound way. 


Here are some of our play to learn activities I have incorporated with my girls the last few weeks: 



We made a fun letter matching activity this time around and Ill be sharing all about it and what I used below. 


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Quick and easy activity


Play to learn activities don’t have to be fancy! 🙂


They can be quick and easy to put together and the result is fascinating. 


This particular one taught my little one about the alphabet, letter sounds, letter names and all through playing! 🙂 


Play-based letter matching alphabet activities like these are ones I always go for if I have a piece of cardboard lying around. 




Letter RecognitIon Games


A popular alphabet preschool activity is to add your letter magnets or foam letters to match with the corresponding letter on the board. 


That is a classic and easy activity and all it takes is a pen, cardboard piece and your child’s toy letters. 🙂 


This time around I wanted to create something different than the original letter matching activity.


I wanted to incorporate one of my favorite office supplies – post it notes.


Let’s talk more about some fun play based activities for preschoolers below.




Alphabet Learning through play


Fun Ways to teach the Alphabet: 


  • First, I drew letters onto a recycled cardboard piece. 

  • Then, I added post-its to cover the letters. 

  • The point of the game was for the letters to be a sort of surprise when my preschooler removed them. 

  • It was fun for her and we both said the letters together as she learned through play




How to teach your child to recognize the letters of the alphabet


Teaching your littles to recognize the letters of the alphabet can be easy. 


Learning letters with fun activities is always the way we go here in our home. It really is a gem. 




Alphabet Activities for Toddlers


How to teach a 4 year old to recognize letters:


Put away the worksheets and bring out their toys to cover a written letter alphabet on a cardboard piece such as this one. 


Not all worksheets are created equal.


Certain worksheets like this fun Alphabet Placemats worksheet are fun and incorporate play-based learning. 


You’d be surprised how much fun they will be having while learning about alphabet recognition. 


Here are some alphabet play games for preschoolers that may be helpful: 





Play Based Learning Kindergarten Activities


Kindergarteners can learn with some of the activities I mentioned up above and more. 


For more on our preschool and kindergarten alphabet lesson plan for preschool and more, definitely check out our subscription! 🙂 


Our subscription is full of play to learn activities, busy books, pretend play sight words and so much more..


play to learn alphabet activities recycled play

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