Pipe Cleaner Web Fine Motor Activity for Kids

pipe cleaner web fine motor activity for kids toddlers and preschool

Here is a really fun activity you can try for practicing fine motor skills. We made ours themed for Halloween! 


My girls love when I create a themed activity for them tailored to that specific holiday or season. It’s a special treat for them! 


They called this activity a web! My toddler is into spooky spiders, so she liked this VERY much! 


You can also add in those spooky holiday spiders to make this spider web come to life! It’s sure for some giggles! 


Check out this Spooky Punch Sensory Play idea my girls and I put together. It’s so much fun!



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Insert the pipe cleaners through the colander holes to create a web with your littles! 


That’s it! Easy peasy, right? 


Oh, but they will be learning some basic skills by doing this activity too! Besides all the fun they’ll be having, this is also one of the amazing pieces about it, in my opinion. 


Some skills and benefits they’ll be learning are: 


  • Grasping and inserting a pipe cleaner into a colander is actually helping in future fine motor skill development such as using tools such as pencils, crayons, markers…

  • Hand-eye coordination

  • Future use of scissor skills such as zig zag, on the line, or swirls. 


These are just a few benefits amongst many. 

Fine motor activities for toddlers

Fine Motor Activities for Toddlers

My toddler had a harder time inserting the pipe cleaners in the colander than my 5 year old did. But it was perfect for both of them because they helped each other out! 


If your toddler is having a hard time inserting the pipe cleaner, that’s okay! Do it for them. 


Then, maybe you can call out the colors just so your toddler sees that each one is different. Have them feel the fuzziness of the pipe cleaner. You can say something like, “This is soft compared to the hard colander”.


Fine Motor Activities for Preschoolers

One way to engage your preschooler with this fun spooky web is to add a bit of a learning experience into the mix!


Apart from practicing fine motor skills, you can try counting how many pipe cleaners you see! 


Then, maybe you can play a game of naming the colors of each pipe cleaner or counting how many orange pipe cleaners there are compared to the green ones! 


Add your manipulatives such as spooky mini erasers or spooky spiders


Remember to always supervise your littles when using smaller manipulatives. 


What ways do you like practicing fine motor skills activities with your littles? 


Will you give this Pipe Cleaner Web Fine Motor Activity for Kids a try?

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pipe cleaner web fine motor activity for kids

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