Pet Animal Sensory Bin for Kids  


pet shop sensory bin for kids


My little one has been asking for a new pet. 


Has your little one too? 


Pets are so so so cute.. But you and I know we can’t have all of them. 


So, here’s a fun and easy sensory bin you can try that includes a bit of their pet toys and they will have so much fun playing while receiving the benefits of sensory play! 🙂 


This pet sensory bin was so easy to set up and my LO enjoyed it so, so much! 


I’ll share exactly how I made this easy peasy sensory activity bin below. 


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pet animal sensory bin for kids



Dog activities for toddlers


This puppy activity was a fun way to learn about dogs! 


Yes, that’s right! 


You can learn about learning to take the puppy out to go potty, when to feed the puppy and any other fun puppy ideas you can add to this! 


This sensory bin can also be used as having fun with your littles pretend puppy toys. 


Washing pet activities can also be added into this fun activity. 


Instead of adding cereal, you can just add a bin with water for some washing dog toys fun! 


Dogs washing activities can be a lot of fun if you have multiple pet toys. 


Wash dogs, wash cats, wash plastic pet toys…


I like to add a dinosaur washing bin for some learning fun! 


You can practice counting the dinosaurs and learning their names. 


Sensory bins and animals are a great way to learn more about animals and how to teach about pets. 


A pet scavenger hunt can also be really fun. 


Add pets all around the yard for a fun seek and find game! 😀


Add them into a bin for a fun fine motor activity with fine motor tools! 


“Games about pets” toys are always such a fun way to learn through play! 




Pet preschool activities


So, how exactly did I put this bin together? 




Here are the steps I took to put this sensory bin for toddler, preschool and for kids sensory animals bin together: 


  • Add cereal into a bin (preferably brown cereal as pretend puppy food.)

  • Note: Make extra sure that your bin and anything you add into your bin are extra clean so that you can still add the cereal back into a cereal bin. 

  • Then, add your small cups and scoopers..

  • Add your puppy toys!

  • I also included a fun scooper for scooping the food and adding it into a bin. 

  • Your bin is all set and ready for a fun pet activities play and learn extravaganza! 


So, there you have it! 


An easy peasy bin that was so easy to setup and so much fun! 


Looking for other fun pets for preschoolers and for kids ideas? Check out this fish activity we made that was lots of learning fun!


pet sensory bin for kids

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