Squishy and Simple Sensory Bag for easy color mixing fun that kindergartners, preschoolers and toddlers will love! This Color Mixing Sensory Bag is also very easy to make!

Make a Super Easy Squishy Paint Filled Colored + Textured Sensory Bag with your Kids!

DIY Squishy Textured Sensory Bag


To make your own paint filled sensory bag, you’ll need:

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Color and Texture Sensory Bag

  • 1-2 Ziplock bags (we used 2)
  • Paint (we used tempera paint)
  • Painters Tape
  • Aluminum Foil/ Bubble wrap piece (to insert in Zip lock for texture)
  • Oil (we used coconut oil, this is for the paint to become more liquid)

Cut out square shaped pieces of aluminum foil and bubble wrap to fit nicely in your ziplock bags. Squeeze your paint into each ziplock bag. I added red-orange-yellow to one bag. I then added green-blue-purple to the second bag. Add about a teaspoon of oil. This will make the paint more liquidy! Is that even a word! You get me.


Make sure to not press down on the paint. That’s the fun part for your kids to do. Seal the bag and add it to the table. Add painters tape for extra sealed protection.


I created two of these for my girls to have fun with. I also had the intention of teaching my preschooler color mixing.


They both simply enjoyed moving the colors around and feeling the different textures of each sensory bag.


One bag had the bubble wrap. These were really fun for popping the bubble wrap as the paint would move around in the sensory bag. The second bag had a foil which was perfect for my Kindergartener as she could write letters or sight words. How exciting!


It became quite a fine motor task and fun educational activity!

Color and Texture Sensory Bag

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What are your favorite color learning and sensory bag activities? Share your ideas in the comments!

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