Ocean Sensory Bag for Toddlers and Preschoolers


ocean themed sensory bag preschool



Ocean activities for preschool and for kids is always so much fun! 


I love talking about the different animals in the ocean with my girls! 


We talk about the colors and learn about their habitats and even take a drive to the ocean to enjoy the summer breeze. 


It’s fascinating and even if you don’t live near the ocean there are definitely ways you can incorporate a bit of sunny vibes in your home! 


One of them is through sensory play! 


Sensory play mixed in with water play is so much fun. 


Not only are there a plethora of benefits, it’s also very fun for littles. 


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I’m going to be sharing with you a simple set of sensory bags that are themed for ocean and that are so much fun! 


We used our reusable storage bags this time around and they are awesome! 





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You can of course improvise with other mediums and manipulatives but these are just the ones we happened to use this time around. 



Ocean Sensory Bags Video Below



Ocean activities for toddlers


Ocean activities are so amazing for LO’s. 


The great thing about sensory bags, bottles and sensory play is that most are contained real well and are great for toddlers. 


Here are some sensory bags toddlers can try at home with supervision are: 



There are many we have tried and these are just a few that are great! 


These are sensory bags infants can try as well with supervision required. 


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ocean sensory bags for kids


How to put together an ocean sensory bag 


Here are the steps I took to put together our ocean themed sensory bags: 


  • I had two of our reusable storage bags on hand. 

  • I opened one and added in a bit of water (not too much so it doesnt overflow).

  • Then, I added in a bit of our foam ocean animals. 

  • Zip it up tightly shut and secured and its ready to go.

  • The second sensory bag I made only incorporated one ingredient – water beads. 

  • I inserted blue water beads into the bag making sure there was enough space for them to move around when they are squished. 

  • I closed the bag tightly shut and secured it and it was ready to go. 


You can also use regular blue ziplock bags or clear ziplock bags to create this epic sensory play idea. 


Just be sure to tape the ends so no water seeps out. 


You can also tape the ends of the reusable storage bags so water does not seep out either. 




Beach bags for kids 


You can also create sensory bags for children that include a bit of hair gel, pom poms, paper straws, letter magnets… 


The list goes on.


Preschool bags can be made to learn about colors, shapes, numbers, letters, patterns… and if you can a certain theme like ocean you can create and epic ocean bag for sensory play! 


Happy Learning!



ocean sensory bags

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