Rainbow Numbers 1-20 Counting Mats for Preschool and Kindergarten

These rainbow counting mats are perfect for your preschoolers and/or kindergarteners! We have been having so much fun with Summer Counting Mats Math Activity that I came up with these counting mats.

They are hands-on and low prep activities which are sure to bring some fun and giggles. 

number games for preschoolers

This Rainbow Math activity covers:


  • Number Recognition

  • Number Words

  • Number Counting

  • Skip Counting

  • Even/Odd Numbers

  • Addition/Subtraction

  • 10 Frames 

  • One to one correspondence


My girls have so much fun learning when I create an exciting and colorful printable. I came up with a rainbow theme because they love a good rainbow activity!

I plan to create many different math mats as the months roll through. Do you have any suggestions?


Mini erasers work perfectly with these counting mats. If you have stacking cubes, those work well too! There are many types of counters available such as foam cubes, counting chips, math cubes.. All of these work well with these math mats. 

number recognition for preschool and kindergarten

Rainbow Counting Mats Activity

There are a variety of ways you can use these math mats for your child’s learning experience. A favorite of ours is using the mini erasers and counting as we go. Children learn number counting and number words as they use this activity.

You can use a Dry Erase Pocket to protect the sheet so your child can trace the letters with a dry erase marker. 


Another fun way my oldest loves to use these is with playdough or color counters to fill out the number. Skip counting by even or odd numbers is another fun activity my kindergartener loves.

Get creative and add the manipulatives to the rainbow for a little matching activity. 

free printables for kindergarten

These are full of so many learning activities. What ways can you think of using these? I’d love to learn so we can try it too! 

Number Recognition Activities for Preschool and Kindergarten

I love that these can be used with children of different ages. A child/student who is learning to count 1-5 can use these for that activity. A child/student who is more advanced and is learning about even/odd numbers can use these in that way.

The printable offers ten frames that go up to the number 20. They work great for early learners in a variation of different levels. 


My Preschooler and Kindergartener both work on these pertaining to their level. If you have students, these can work well for both preschool and kindergarten. If you are using this activity with your child at home, they can be used for siblings as an early learning activity which is – awesome! 

free counting games for preschool and kindergarten

The rainbow counting mats are great for learning addition and subtraction.

Place 2 mats next to each other and add or subtract from both mats. These are perfect for helping reinforce basic math concepts. Neat counting activity! 

Assembling the Rainbow Counting Mats Activity 

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Print the Math Mats Download. Cardstock paper is great a long lasting activity. You can also use Dry Erase Pockets which will add many bonus learning activities along with durability. 

counting mats for preschool

Have a laminator? That will work well too! These are all perfect for tracing and drawing on the mats. Your student/child will use the manipulatives of your choice to work with these counting mats. 


There are a ton of ways to go about these counting mats with so many different learning experiences! 


Will you give this Rainbow Counting Mats Activity for preschool and Kindergarten a try? Or…

Pin it for later? 

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