Mother’s Day Crafts Preschool Tape Resist Activity


mothers day tape resist craft for kids



Are you looking for a fun and easy Mother’s Day craft you can try with your little one? 


This craft for kids was a simple one and my girls super enjoyed it!


They loved coloring and removing the tape which was an excellent fine motor activity!


I’ll share what we used and how we went about this fun Mother’s Day Craft below. 


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Mothers day crafts for toddlers


Here are the steps we took to create this epic craft: 


  • Use washi tape to create a word onto a cardstock paper sheet

  • We chose the word, “MOM” but you can try “Grandma” or someone specials name. 

  • Then, lay each of the sheets onto a tray or on top of a paper roll. 

  • This is so that when your LO dots on the cardstock it wont get on your table. 

  • We used dot markers but you can try acrylic paint with a fun tool like a sponge. 

  • However you’d like to color over the tape will be fun 🙂 

  • You can also add foam stickers to create fun shapes once removed. 

  • Once you have finished coloring, painting, using dot markers remove the washi tape and foam stickers and watch as the words magically appear in white. 




Looking for Easy DIY Mother’s Day gifts? 


Here are some ideas for a differentiated set of ages:



mothers day crafts for kids



Mother’s day crafts for Grandma


You can easily switch this up as well and use washi tape to create the word, “Grandma” or “Abuela” in spanish. 


Then, once you have finished coloring and removing the tape you can fold the cardstock sheet in half. 


This can become a beautiful card and keepsake for grandma. 




Preschool Mother’s day Gifts


You can also turn these mothers day crafts into picture frames. 


Add them to your littles room and talk about the colors they see. 


Even while they are coloring and decorating their craft you can discuss the colors they are using. 


We did this while my preschooler was coloring her Mothers day craft! 


Are you looking for a Mothers day cards ideas for teachers? 


You can fold the cardstock in half and create a card to gift to your teacher 🙂



mothers day craft for kids



Mother’s day craft ideas for Toddlers


Toddlers can enjoy this activity too! 


Dot markers are wonderful and big enough for toddlers to grasp and press down on paper. 


You can also try a pom pom being held by a clothespin. 


Dip the pom pom into paint and paint away! 


This is a wonderful way to create their Mother’s Day card


Have you tried a fun tape resist activity before? 


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mothers day tape resist crafts for kids

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