Mothers Day Crafts for Kids


mothers day flower crafts for kids


Mother’s day is upon us! 


I absolutely love creating cute and easy little activities that my girls love! 


This one is a wonderful keepsake for the years to come. 


It can be shared with grandma, a teacher, caretaker and/or mom. 


Add it to a cute picture frame so you can see the beautiful flowers your LO created in the years to come. 


I’ll be sharing below how my girls made this epic craft and what we used! 


Note: Are you looking for more Mother’s Day crafts? Check out this easy tape resist art we made for mom on Mother’s Day!




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mothers day activities for kids



Mother’s Day activity for toddlers


This flower crafts toddlers activity is so much fun and so easy for toddlers to enjoy while creating. 


Here are the steps we took to create this cute toddler art for mom on Mother’s Day: 


  • I drew a basket towards the bottom of a sheet of cardstock paper.

  • Then, I use a green marker to create leaves and stems that came out of the basket. 

  • Place a yellow dot sticker on the tips of each of the stems. 

  • Set out acrylic paint (you can place them in a muffin tin or a paper plate)

  • Use your finger to create a dots around the yellow dot sticker

  • And, you’ve made a flower! 




Mothers Day crafts preschool


Another fun way to go about this flower craft preschool activity is to talk about the colors of the flowers they create. 


You can ask a question like, “What color is that that you are picking up?” 


Then, the next color they pick up you can ask them again. 


It’s a wonderful way to learn about colors. 


You can also try counting as you dot around the flower. 


“How many dots did it take you to create those flower petals?”


This is a wonderful way to go about trying this simple flower craft as an early learning activity if you choose to try this out on the same day or on a different day. 


On this day, we didn’t apply early learning


My girls just went at it with tunes in the background to listen to and enjoyed creating their art. 


But, this can definitely be applied on a different day if you choose to 🙂 




Mother’s Day activity ideas


Here are some Mothers Day activity ideas you can probably try:


  • Mothers day crafts using paper and glue

  • Cupcake liners for a fun glue on paper project

  • Tape Resist Mom craft/activity 

  • Flower petal craft

  • Paper plate flower

  • Parts of the flower paste keepsake activity

  • Mothers Day craft for grandma

  • Flower crafts


I want to hear what you’ve tried this Mother’s Day in the comments below! 


Was it a craft or a fun activity? 


Let us know below. Maybe we can try it out too! 


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mothers day flower craft for kids

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