Monster Color Matching Activity for Preschool

monster color matching games for preschool


Looking for a color matching activity you can try at home with your littles? This one is themed for Halloween and its spooktacular! 


We used Jello and toothpicks to create this monster match game for my 3 year old. So much fun! 


Miss 3 loves colorful play ideas and this one was both dreamy like a rainbow but themed as a spooky activity for the Holiday. 


She really enjoyed it, received some learning from it and had so much fun. I hope your littles enjoy it as much as we did!


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That’s all! Easy peasy fun! 


Make the jello according the the package ingredients. Once this is complete, fill the juice of the jello within each of the containers making sure each container is filled with a different color. 


Once the containers are filled, refrigerate them. Follow the directions on the jello package to see how long it will take to form the jello. 


When your jello has become fully formed jello, set up your invitation to play. Insert your colorful toothpicks to create a monster, add your googly eyes to the jello, and have a go at learning colors! Spooktacular!! 


colour matching games preschool


Colour Matching Play Ideas for Preschoolers

What I love about this activity is that they are learning while having fun and playing. This is the main idea of any learning activity I incorporate on the daily. 


Miss 3 is having fun and she’s learning at the same time! So, it’s a win-win. 


Some fun ideas you can try with this colour matching activity is to add the correct colored toothpick to the matching jello color. This is the play idea we chose with this specific activity. 


You can also use colored craft sticks or colored pom poms to color match and get creative with the monster. 


Add the colored craft sticks around the correct colored containers as arms, legs or hair for the monster! 


What other monster colour activities can you think of with this play idea in mind? 



Number Matching and Counting Play ideas for Preschoolers 


I also really love that this colour matching game can be diversified and used for other learning experiences. 


You can try adding the toothpicks to the monster and counting from 1-5. For a more advanced approach, count from 1-20 and so on. 


If you have siblings, this also works well to their own level of advancement. For kindergarteners, try skip counting by 2’s, 5’s, 10’s, 20’s and so on by adding the toothpicks to the jello containers. 


You can even use small containers or this egg oeuvre container to hold the jello in and use these for learning to count, addition, subtraction.. 


What other fun ways can you think of applying with this Monster Color Match Activity? 

Will you give this Monster Color Matching Game a try? 

Pin it for later? 

monster color matching activity for preschoolers

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