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mirror play for preschoolers kids


Mirror Play Activities are perfect for preschoolers and toddlers. I even love it myself!

It provides fun and learning and creates a whole new approach to perceiving new areas of science and dimension. Mirror play is open ended play. It can be a science experiment or a game of peek-a-boo.


My Active Littles get excited when they pull out the mirrors from their toy bin and use them for play. Our mirrors are 8/7 inches (purchased at the Target Dollar Spot for $5) but sometimes well use our trusty bathroom mirror which provides for a big mirrored area of play as you see here with our Grimms Rainbow.


mirror play for preschoolers kids


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Are mirrors safe to use in Play for Preschoolers


If you are worried about mirror mixed with play for your Active Littles there is an option.


Ours are not shatterproof, but if you are interested in one that is, here is a suggestion:


Shatter Resistant Mirror

How to use mirrors for play – Preschoolers/Kids


When we are using our mirrors for play, I place them on the floor mat/carpet in our toy room. This is where my kids love to play as it is very grounding and their natural way of play. The mirrors are also not prone to falling and shattering if you are using a conventional mirror.


The smooth surface of the mirror is perfect for sensory play, paint brushes, small toys and little fingers to slide around on.


You can try using:


  • Shaving cream applied to the mirror to create words.
  • Adding the clacking sound of buttons for added hearing sensory play.
  • Add in toys from your childs toy chest
  • Letter Magnets
  • Foam Letters
  • Cooked Rainbow Pasta Noodles
  • You can Create Playdough Letters and make a word



Grimms Rainbow on a mirror is also very fun as the mirror forms a colorful tunnel





My Active Littles love to see the way a mirror can make a Grimms Rainbow into a colorful tunnel. The questions pop up: How does this happen? Why is the Grimms rainbow toy forming a tunnel? This fun and simple activity has turned into a science experiment!



Isnt it incredible how you can perform a science experiment with props right at home so simply? Love!! So, not to get very deep into it but simply light bounces of of the Grimms Rainbow, hits the mirror, and reflects back! My Kindergartener was impressed!



I hope your Active Littles enjoy these activities as much as mine do. Ill be adding more fun mirror play to this post just as soon as I can.



Have you tried Mirror/Reflection Play with your Active Littles? I’d love to know! Please comment down below.


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Reflection Mirror Play for Preschoolers Kids

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