Mess Free Painting for Kids


mess free painting for babies



I love a good painting activity! 


It’s one of those activities that is easy, fun and can bring out anything creative while using your imagination and creative juices! 


So, this time around I added a bit of a twist to regular painting – which is a classic but this time around it included a: 


  • Sheet protector

  • An early learning twist 


So much fun! 


I’ll share below how exactly we went about this and how you can use this idea as a no mess art paint for babies, toddlers, preschoolers and for kids! 


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Easy peasy lemon squeezy! 



No Mess Painting for Kids Video Below




How to put together this simple paint in a bag activity 


Here are the steps I took to put together this easy mess free painting: 


  • Draw circles onto a cardstock sheet of paper (I used our playdough containers from this post here.)

  • Then, draw a cute little face onto the top circle. 

  • Add paint onto the circles. (We chose a color mixing activity which I’ll go more in depth on below.)

  • Then, insert the paper into the bag making sure the paint does not touch the bag until it is fully inserted. 

  • Tape the open end shut with duct tape and you are set for a “No Mess Painting Set” DIY! 😀


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mess free painting for toddlers



Art for babies – Kid Paint Ideas


This baby painting idea is awesome!! 


It is such a fun, no mess painting idea that requires items you probably already own at home and it’s just so easy to put together! 


Instead of the color mixing idea I mentioned up above, you can just dot a few colors for babies or even just one color. 


Talk about the color red and point to it while squishing it around! 🙂 


This is just one of those baby painting activities that is so much fun for babies and they’ll be learning while playing with no painting mess! 


They’ll also be receiving the benefits of sensory play with this baby sensory painting idea! 


By squishing the bag around, not only are they painting for babies development milestones but babies will be building on those neural connections while stimulating their senses! 


How cool is that! 


This is just one of those baby painting ideas that is a must try! So much learning fun with these baby activities! 


You can also frame these crafts for babies and share with grandma or family! 


Have you ever tried paint for babies? How did it go? 




Toddler painting ideas


Painting with toddlers is just so much fun! 


They can practice and learn all that baby is learning but with a bit more to it. 


You can add more colors into the caterpillar circles and talk about the colors orange, yellow, green instead of only red. 


Squish around and learn about different colors with this mess free toddler art! 


Then, when you are done, maybe you can enjoy framing it or adding it into a mess free painting book that includes all of your toddlers painting activities 🙂 


For more fun arts and crafts for kids: 



What crafts for toddlers have you tried out? I’d love to learn so maybe we can try them out too! 




Arts and craft for preschool


Preschoolers can learn about color mixing with this simple mess free paint activity. 


This is the way we chose to go about this fun activity. 


I add primary colors on every other circle and mixed the two primary colors on each side so my preschooler can color mix and learn about colors! 


This is a great way to play and learn in a simple and easy no mess painting activity for kids!



mess free painting for kids

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